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Board of Directors’ Code Of Ethics

Realize you represent the AKA in public at all times. Your words, writings and actions need to reflect that. With that in mind, do not say or do anything that can be misconstrued. What you may mean as a joke can easily be misunderstood. Many more people than you are aware of know who you are.

The AKA is a global organization and we must remember this every time we write an email, talk with anyone, or write for any source whether it is for on-line forums or Kiting.
By accepting their position, directors agree to support the policies and actions of the AKA, even if these policies would not be the personal choice of the individual. Each director bears a responsibility to fairly and positively represent the BOD and it’s actions back to their region and/or committee, and to fairly and positively represent their region and/or committee to the BOD.

BOD business is to be conducted civilly, and respectfully. Posts to the BOD mailing list or forum are not to contain racist, sexist, rude, vulgar language or accusations and insinuations. Scorn or ridicule of others personally or types of kiting will not be tolerated.

Matters discussed in Executive Session are always to be held in strict confidence. These are private matters concerning contract terms, negotiations, performance reviews and other confidential topics, as such they are not for public discussion.
Effective October 10, 2007