The Executive Committee

(composed of the Officers of the Association and the remaining Directors-at-Large not serving as Officers conducts the affairs of the Association between meetings of the Board of Directors)

Office Name Phone E-mail
President John Lutter (FL) (321) 412-1368
1st Vice-President Marla Miller (WA) (253) 752-7051
2nd Vice-President Brett Morris (OR) (541) 944-5588
Treasurer Cecilia Dallmer (PA) (215) 722-4092
Secretary Diane Wolff (CA) (916) 471-8622
Director At Large Gary Mark (Canada) (905) 469-8729
Director At Large Gayle Woodul (TX) (830) 598-2414
Director At Large William ‘Will’ Smoot IV (VA) (540) 471-4949
Director At Large Glenn Davison (MA) (781) 670-0345

Regional Directors

(represent the members in their geographical area)

Office Name Phone E-mail
Region 1
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Upstate New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
Greg Lamoureux (MA) (781) 925-3277
Region 2 New Jersey, Downstate New York, Pennsylvania Thom McAdams (PA)
Region 3 Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia Jack Wilson (VA) (703) 307-2080
Region 4 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Puerto Rico Kelly Nunes (FL) (727) 710-3112
Region 5 Michigan, Ohio John M. Graves (OH) (513) 777-2228
Region 6 Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin Edward ‘Ed’ Grys (WI) (715) 853-9333 cell
Region 7 Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah Roger Kenkel (NE) (308) 240-9266
Region 8 Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas Robert Cembalest (TX) (512) 554-5933
Region 9 Idaho, Montana, Oregon Brett Morris (OR) (541) 944-5588
Region 10 Alaska, Washington Scott Davis (WA) (253) 732-5743
Region 11 N. California, Nevada Tom McAlister (CA) (510) 235-5483
Region 12 Arizona, S. California, Guam, Hawaii Glen Rothstein (CA) (213) 407-3515
Region 13 International Linda Sanders (SA, AU) +618 8556 2681
What is a Region? There are thirteen geographical regions represented on the Board of Directors. The United States and its territories are divided into twelve Regions approximately equal in voting population. Members residing outside of the United States and its territories shall constitute an International Region. (Region 13) Each Region is represented on the AKA Board by one elected Regional Director.

What is a Regional Director? Regional Directors represent the members in their geographical area. They vote on Association policy issues, attend local events, chair AKA committees, and prepare reports for the Kiting newsletter. Four of the twelve Directors are elected each year so that terms overlap.



Elected Committees

(established by the association by-laws, elected by the members attending the Annual Meeting)

  • Nominations
    (at least five Directors or past Directors)
    • Chair: Kathy Brinnehl 
    • Susan Skinner
    • Rob Cemblast
    • Mel Hickman
  • Elections
    (at least three Directors or past Directors that are not members of the Nominating Committee)
    • Chair:Gayle Woodul
    • John Gillespie
    • Darrin Skinner

Standing Committees

(seven established by the association by-laws, appointed by the President with the advice of the Directors and/or members)

(Re. sub-committees: see note for Special Committees below)
  1. Ways and Means
    • Chair: Cel Dallmer 
    • Rod Beamguard
    • Cliff Quinn
    • Robert Kelly
  2. Promotion and Membership
  3. Safety and Ethics (Insurance)
  4. Festivals and Competitions
  5. Annual Meeting (Convention)
  6. Archives and Records Documentation
  7. Education and Public Service
    • Chair: Glenn Davison <edu at aka.kite.org>
    • Archie Stewart
    • Barbara Meyer
    • Chuck Jones
    • Cliff Quinn
    • Kathy Nixie
    • Lisa Willoughby
    • Margaret Murphy
    • Marion Steeves
    • Meg Albers
    • Sharon Musto
    • Scott Skinner
    • Terry Zee Lee
    • Internet Presence: John Lutter 
    • Kite Aerial Photography: Jim Powers <kap at aka.kite.org>
    • Kite Art: Rob Cembalest <kiteart at aka.kite.org>
    • National Kite Month
    • Social Networking
      • Chair: Robin McCracken
      • Flickr: Dan Brinnehl
      • Facebook: Robin McCracken

Special Committees

(established at the discretion of the President or by majority vote of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, or the membership. Such committees are dissolved at the second Annual Meeting following establishment unless re-established.)?

  • By-laws
    • Chair: Ted Manekin <bylaws at aka.kite.org>
    • Cecilia & Mike Dallmer
    • Bernard Fourniere
    • David Gomberg
    • Mel Hickman
    • Cinda Shannon
    • Chuck Sigal
    • Susan Skinner
The Association, retains managerial, and other services to achieve it’s objectives.
  • The AKA Executive Director manages the national office, maintains membership records and financial accounts, and sells AKA manuals and rule books.
  • The AKA Kiting Editor manages production of the quarterly publication Kiting The Journal of the American Kitefliers Association.
    Articles, letters, and advertisements should be sent to:

  • The AKA Archivist maintains AKA records, club newsletters, minutes, reports and any other information of interest to the Association or kiting in general.
    • The World Kite Museum
      PO Box 964
      Long Beach, WA 98631
      Phone: (360) 642-4020
      Fax: (360) 642-2318

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize
those who have led the association in the past.
Our First Members(1964)
  • Robert M. Ingraham (Founder)
  • Benn Blinn
  • George M. Endicott
  • F. C. Jewell, M.D.
  • Francis M. Rogallo
  • Walter Scott
  • F. Rankin Weisgerber
  • Will Yolen
  • Anthony Zeigler
Past Presidents
  • John Barresi (2013 – 2014)
  • Barbara Meyer (2010 – 2012)
  • Gary Engvall (2008 – 2009)
  • Susan Skinner (2007)
  • David Gomberg (2001 – 2006)
  • Adam Grow (2000)
  • Richard Dermer (1997 – 1999)
  • Peter Dolphin (1995 – 1996)
  • David Gomberg (1991 – 1994)
  • Jim M. Miller (1989 – 1990)
  • Corey Jenson (1988)
  • Robert S. Price (1987)
  • Margo Brown (1986)
  • Miller S. Makey, Sr. (1984 – 1985)
  • John F. “Jack” Van Gilder (1982 – 1983)
  • Bevan Brown (1981)
  • W. D. “Red” Braswell (1978 – 1980)
  • Valerie Govig (1977 – 1978)

Complete list of officers and directors since 1979.

How to Run for AKA Office
All officers of the Association shall be members of the Association, twenty-one (21) years of age and shall be bonded.Elections are held by mail each fall and the results are announced at the Annual Meeting.

The President is elected annually by the general membership to a one year term.

Regional Directors, who must live in the region they represent, are elected to three year terms by members from those regions.

Elections for Directors from regions:

  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 are held in years divisible by 3 with no remainder (2013)
  • 5, 6, 7, and 8 are held in years divisible by 3 with a remainder of 1 (2014)
  • 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 are held in years divisible by 3 with a remainder of 2 (2015)

The Executive Committee is nominated and elected by the members attending the Annual Meeting.

Nominations for President and Regional Directors must be submitted to the Nominations Committee no less than 60 days before the Annual Meeting.

For more information on running for office, contact the Nominations Committee at <nominations at aka.kite.org>