Benefits of Membership

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Check out the benefits of membership:

Kiting Cover - Winter 2012

Kiting Cover – Winter 2012

  • A quarterly newsletter which includes event coverage, kitemaking plans, local and regional reports, festival calendar, club activities, contacts, and association news
  • 10% discount on kite merchandise from over 100 Merchant Members and online stores
  • Over 100 sanctioned events in your community and around the country each year
  • $1,000,000 insurance coverage for organizers and members at sanctioned events
  • $1,000,000 insurance coverage for members at sanctioned local club flies
  • National membership directory listing members, clubs, and stores
  • Monthly news and information emailed directly to you from the national AKA president
  • Regional reports and news emailed directly to you from your local representative
  • World record tracking of achievements within the sport
  • Annual national convention with workshops, competitions, awards, and flying
  • National Kite Month program to celebrate and promote kiteflying
  • Competitor ranking and recognition at regional, national, and international level
  • Regional and national awards program for contributions to kiting
  • Professional staff available in national headquarters office
  • Online list of hundreds of recommended flying locations with details and directions
  • Regional referrals to encourage information sharing, personal contact and assistance
  • Archival materials and publications
  • Safety codes, competition rules and event specifications for sport kites, kitemaking competition, fighter kites, and kite buggies
  • Access to member-only webpages with bylaws, meeting minutes, and financial and historical information
  • Online Kite Talk Forum where members post announcements and information, or ask for assistance
  • An AKA Regional Director familiar with kiting in your area, clubs, contacts and local concerns
  • Over 100 affiliated local kite clubs
  • Opportunities to serve in leadership roles locally and nationally or on policy committees
  • Free publications including rule books, event and club organizing manuals, and instructional materials
  • Educational materials for teachers including Kites in the Classroom programs, reference materials, and teaching tools
  • Cooperation and coordination with kite associations and events around the world
  • Discounted dues for family members
  • Instructional pamphlets for flying and competing
  • Calendar of local, regional, and national kiting events, festivals, and workshops
  • Association products including clothing, patches, hats and pins
  • Friends in the field

What Does Membership Cost?


(Kiting via 3rd class mail)

(Kiting via 1st Class Mail)

(Kiting via Air Mail)

(Kiting via Air Mail)

U.S. Residents: Kiting via 1st Class Mail, tax deductible contribution
Others: Kiting via Air Mail
Additional Family Member(s)

(People living in the same household as the primary member
who agree to receive one copy of Kiting per household.)
$6 per person

Retail establishments may be listed as Merchant Members at no additional cost, but must have a current Individual member associated with each store location. The store name will be listed in each issue of Kiting free of charge, in return for which the retailers must give members a 10% discount off regular prices.

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