AKA Annual Convention

The 38th AKA Annual Convention will be held in Enid, Oklahoma on Monday, September 28th to Saturday, October 3rd, 2015!

During this week, AKA will have flying exhibits open to viewing by the public including mass ascensions each day with 100 or more of the same style of kite and sport kite competitions with competitors flying their kites in intricate patterns or making them dance to music.  Kite makers will bring their flying artwork to be judged for beauty in the air and the finer points of construction.  Battles will be held with large Rokkaku kites and smaller fighter kites and there will be indoor kite flying showing kites that fly without any wind at all.

One-of-a-kind flying art by builders from all over the USA, Europe, and the Orient will be flying and competing for Grand Champion honors.  Miniature kites will be on display, some less than one inch in their longest dimension.  The largest kites in the sky may be up to 20 feet wide and 100 feet long.


Why should you consider the 2015 Convention in Enid, OK?

  • Located in central USA
  • Richard and Marti Dermer’s Home Town
  • Successful previous AKA Convention 2012
  • Everyone who went wanted to return
  • Wonderfully helpful people
  • Sport Kite Symposium
  • Kite Auction
  • Kite Workshop
  • Kite Raffles, Awards, Vendors, Friends and more

Domestic airports near Enid, OK

109 miles: Will Rogers World Airport - Oklahoma City, OK (OKC / KOKC)
124 miles: Tulsa International Airport - Tulsa, OK (TUL / KTUL)
125 miles: Wichita Mid-Continent Airport - Wichita, KS (ICT / KICT)

Why was Enid, OK chosen as the next AKA Convention site?

The Enid, Oklahoma bid said the free items would include the flying field, portable toilets, field security, shuttles between the field and the convention center, printing of programs, lanyards and goodie bags.  Enid will also provide a field sound system, tents, signs, and use of a golf cart. They really want to supply a lot to us to bring us back. There is a huge difference between them and the other four that put in any kind of a bid.  Everyone who went to Enid last time had a wonderful time and they all said they would come back again.  The whole town really knocked themselves out for us.  The people in the convention center could not do enough for us.   Enid people bent over backwards for us every time we turned around.  They are a group that knows us, knows what to expect, and wants us back!

What Is the Convention?

The AKA Convention is an annual five day gathering of kite enthusiasts, artists, and competitors. The Convention ranks as one of the largest kite gatherings in the world. Convention activities include educational workshops, games, displays, and the Grand National kite competitions for kite making and sport kite flying. Committee and general business meetings are scheduled. Other highlights are the Great Kite Auction which offers unique and hard to get kite products and a retail FlyMarket for small vendors. The Convention is held in different locations each year and is scheduled in September or October. The gathering is only open to AKA members.

What does the Convention Cost?

In order to attend an AKA Convention, an individual must be a current member and be officially registered for the event.

The price of registration varies from year to year but is generally around $200-$250, determined by dividing the convention expenses by the expected number of attendees.  All costs of presenting an annual convention are paid from registration fees and are not subsidized by membership dues.  Costs may include receptions and banquets, room rentals, registration supplies, management and equipment such as stages and sound systems.

Lower fees are available to early registrants and late fees are charged after scheduled deadlines.
All deadlines are published with registration forms in AKA’s newsletter, Kiting.

For more information about the Annual Convention contact our convention manager at convention@aka.kite.org

Site bids are being accepted for 2016 (western).