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AKA Annual Convention

AKA 2019

The 42nd Annual Convention will be held in Seaside, Oregon October 7-12, 2019.

Register online by logging-in at  https://members.kite.org/event-3432565


Rain or Shine, It’s Time to Grab a Line…

We attend Conventions to fly, to see friends, to take workshops, to show-off our newest creations, to compete, and to see what everyone else is doing.  Over the years, we’ve held more AKA Conventions in Seaside, Oregon, than any other location. Why? It has steady wind, it’s inexpensive, it has a host hotel directly on the beach where we fly, and a Convention Center that is only a block away. When the weather is clear, the flying beach is absolutely spectacular—great wind, hard-packed sand on a wide beach, rhythmic waves, and epic coastal views.

But the bugaboo is that it can rain on the Oregon coast for days on end.  That’s the gamble—it can be a spectacular week of flying or tough to find time on the beach. In 2016 we were in Seaside and had rain.  In 2017, we went to Ocean City, Maryland, and had just as much rain. One of the reasons we picked Shreveport, Louisiana, for our 2018 Convention was because the chance of rain during that week was about 15%, and yet it rained and rained!

As kiteflyers, we know there’s no guarantee about the weather but this year we’re planning for it differently. If it rains in Seaside, there’s still going to be an opportunities to fly. The City of Seaside is completing a full renovation of their Convention Center.  In addition to new meeting rooms and facilities, we will have access to a large indoor flying space from Tuesday morning to Friday, when the room will be transformed for the Friday night Auction. There will be indoor workshops, competitions, and lots of free flying time all day long.  While the indoor flying is gaining excitement worldwide, there are many of us who’ve never had the time or facility to experience it. Now’s your chance. If you don’t have an indoor kite, take a workshop and build one.

Every morning, there will be an amazing choice of workshops held in four rooms for two sessions: 9:00-10:15 and 10:30-11:45. This year, we are adding optional afternoon workshops that will only be held if the weather prevents us from flying outside.  The times and locations of these workshops will be posted each morning in the lobby of the Convention Center. As in the last two years, the sewing workshop room will be open all day, rain or shine.

We are lucky to have such a generous community of artists who are volunteering time to share their kite passion with convention attendees. All workshops are free to registered attendees only.  Most classes don’t require any materials, while others offer the option of buying materials at the workshop. (If you want to take a sewing workshop, please note that on your application.)  The list (see page 28) is subject to change, and an actual schedule (plus a materials list) will be published online no later than September 1, 2019. Go to www.kite.org for more details.

Last but not least, every afternoon we’re planning to do lots of flying. In addition to the competitions and mass-ascensions, there will be space for show kites and demos. The public will be invited to enjoy the celebration. The Convention Committee has worked hard for the last year to make all this happen, and I am honored to have had the time to work with them. I invite you to come join us. Let’s celebrate our 42nd Grand National Convention pulling on a line, rain or shine.

Phillip E. R. Whitaker

Convention Committee Chairman


Registration is open online for the Seaside Convention.

Register now and take advantage of early registration savings!

Sign on to the member’s page of kite.org and follow the instructions.


Book your room at our host hotel: Shiloh Inn, 30 North Prom, Seaside, Oregon, by calling 503-738-9571.

Tell them you’re with the AKA Convention for our discounted rates.

Workshop information will be published here prior to September 1, 2019.

What does the Convention Cost?

In order to attend an AKA Convention, an individual must be a current member and be officially registered for the event.

The price of registration varies from year to year and is determined by dividing the convention expenses by the expected number of attendees.  The costs of presenting an annual convention are paid from registration fees and are not subsidized by membership dues.  Costs may include receptions and banquets, room rentals, registration supplies, management and equipment such as stages and sound systems.

What Is the Convention?

The AKA Convention is an annual five day gathering of kite enthusiasts, artists, and competitors. The Convention ranks as one of the largest kite gatherings in the world. Convention activities include educational workshops, games, displays, and the Grand National kite competitions for kite making and sport kite flying. Committee and general business meetings are scheduled. Other highlights are the Great Kite Auction which offers unique and hard to get kite products and a retail FlyMarket for small vendors. The Convention is held in different locations each year and is scheduled in September or October. The gathering is only open to AKA members.

For more information about the Annual Convention contact our convention manager at convention@aka.kite.org

Auction Items

Are you planning on gifting an item to the Annual Auction? Please email information to convention@aka.kite.org


Seaside Convention Center

All the workshops, raffles, auction, banquets, meetings and In-Door flying are held at the Convention Center.



The Shiloh Inn, 30 North Prom, Seaside, OR 

For discounted room reservations, call:  503-738-9571



On the beach in front of the Shiloh Inn.

The Convention Center is only two blocks from the host hotel. And the flying field is directly in front of the hotel. It is easy to walk to most of the restaurants and shops in Seaside. 




Mass Ascensions will be each day at 1 pm.

Tuesday will be Rokkakus and Fighters

Wednesday will be Cellular and Dimensional

Thursday will be Soft and Flexible

Friday will be Sport Kites

Saturday will be Delta Kites

Also bring a White Kite for the Memorial Fly on Tuesday Afternoon



Themed Fly’s are done in the afternoons after Mass Ascension. Red, White and Blue Displays and Kites, Art Kites, Past Grand National and People’s Choice Winners, Workshop made Kites, Kites with moving parts, Arches and Trains, Oldest Kites will all be featured during the week. Please feel free to fly what you bring when you can. The idea is to be on the field flying kites, interacting with each other and with the public that come to see our kite displays.


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