Convention Policies

  1. Purpose and Goals of the AKA Convention: The purpose of the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) Convention is to provide an opportunity for the Association members to meet, share their ideas, network with other kitefliers, and experience a wide variety of kiting activities. The convention will present as many aspects of kiting as possible in one location for the benefit of the members attending. The Convention and annual meeting of the Association shall be conducted in compliance with the Associations By-laws and Board policies.

  2. Attendance: The Association endeavors to keep prices down by utilizing the skills of its members. All of activities of the convention are organized, managed and staffed by registered participants of the convention in a co-op fashion. Kite Art Gallery exhibitors at the AKA convention must be AKA members [B-97-19].

    2.1 – All participants in the annual AKA convention are required to be current Association members. [E-88-10 / E-89-06]

    2.2 – All attendees are encouraged to take part in as many activities as they wish.

    2.3 – Members are strongly encouraged to attend the General Business Meeting of the Association.

    2.4 – Members of the Association attending any part of the convention including field activities are expected to register to help cover the cost of the convention, which is financed by the attendees. The General Business meeting and the Auction (exclusive of dinner) are the only exceptions and are open to all members.

    2.5 – All registrants are invited to participate in the various volunteer tasks required for the convention.

    2.6 – Convention presenters must be AKA members and convention registrants. [B-93-08]

    2.7 – Non-member spectators are welcome to watch our field events. [E-89-08] Non-members may purchase a Fly Market only pass, so that they may shop at the Fly Market. Fly Market only passes are not available to Association members.

    2.8  – Vendors of the Fly Market must by AKA members and registered for the convention.

  3. Registration Dates:

    3.1 – Registration fees will be announced by July 1st.

    3.2 – Fees will be discounted for “early” registrations prior to August 15th,

    3.3 – The “standard” price will be charged from August 16th to one calendar week prior to the start of the convention.

    3.4 – A “late fee” will be added for those submitted within 7 days of the convention or at the door. Deadlines will be based on the postmark of the registration or the email date of electronic registrations.

    3.5 – Dates relating to invitations to participate in Grand National competitions are the responsibility of the relevant competition committee. Competitors are still subject to the same fee structure as other attendees regardless of when the invitation is received.

  4. Registration Fees and Discounts: The costs of the convention are covered by the participants. These costs include room rentals, field permits, sound-systems, printing and postage, and management fees for the convention administrator. Many of these fees are a flat rate and do not change with the number of participants. The registration fee structure is set to reflect this high fixed minimum cost of organizing an event such as the convention.

    4.1 – Al-a-cart registration is offered for the banquets only.

    4.2 – Attendees are encouraged to participate in the entire convention. However, AKA recognizes that not all members can attend for an entire week and will offer “day passes” which allows participation in a single day’s activities and events. The fee for a Day Pass shall be based on 1/2 of the total registration fee, exclusive of the cost of banquet meals which are not included as part of a Day Pass. Day Pass registrants wishing to attend a banquet may purchase a separate banquet ticket. Day Pass registrants are not eligible for Grand National Competitions.

    4.3 – AKA welcomes children to attend the convention. A 20% discount on registration will be provided to members under the age of 15 who are not participating in Grand National Competitions.

    4.4 – The convention budget and fee structure is based on utilizing participants as volunteers to fulfill convention tasks, for this reason compensation or discounts on registration fees or membership fees will not be provided to participants in return for their contributions to the convention. The association does realize some tasks take more effort and we thank those participants who go that extra mile.

    4.5 – As a special incentive to overseas guests who face additional expenses to attend, the Association will provide a one year basic membership at no charge or a one-year extension of a current membership. “Overseas” in this case, does not apply to registrants from North America. [B-93-04 / B-97-10]

    4.6 – Reasonable travel, lodging and registration fees for the President, XD [E-84-19], Kiting Editor [B-91-13] and Convention Manager [contractual] for the convention will be covered by the AKA. The BOD will define “Reasonable”.

    4.7 – Workshop presenters of “make and take” style workshops may collect a supplies fee from workshop participants provided the fee is published in the on-site program for the workshop and is no more than necessary to cover the actual cost of the supplies the participants will be using. The presenter will be required to provide proof the fee is no more than is necessary to cover the supplies for the workshop to the workshop coordinator by July 1st. No more than 20% of the workshops at a convention may have a supplies fee.

    4.8 – Guest speakers, providing a presentation deemed to be beneficial to convention attendees, may be compensated for reasonable travel and lodging expenses related to their presentation as determined by the Board and to be included in the convention budget. A guest speaker is not required to be an AKA member or a convention registrant. Guest speakers cannot derive financial gain from the presentation.

  5. Awards and Grand National Competitions: Grand National Competition includes but is not limited to kitemaking, sport kites, fighter kite, rokkakus, buggies, or kite surfing.

    5.1 – All Grand National Competitors must be full registrants.

    5.2 – Day pass and children’s discount registrants are not eligible.

    5.3 – All awards issued in the name of the AKA or presented during the AKA convention must be approved by the Board of Directors, and are limited to members of the Association [B-97-18].

  6. Sponsorships: Individuals and business are encouraged to sponsor the Association and convention by donations to cover costs for trophies, mass ascensions or other expenses.

    6.1 – Should for some reason the sponsored item or trophy sponsored not be utilized at the convention but is reusable for the next convention, the sponsorship will roll over to the next year.

    6.2 – AKA Board of directors must approve all sponsorships and reserves the right to not accept sponsorships it feels would reflect poorly on the Association or that violates a contractual obligation.

  7. Logo: The convention logo is displayed on annual convention publications and products.

    7.1 – The Convention logo will be chosen by a contest open to all Association members by the Annual Meeting Committee.

    7.2 – The Convention Logo must include the AKA logo as part of the design.

    7.3 – The Convention Logo shall remain the exclusive property of the AKA and may not be used in any form without the express permission of the AKA.

  8. Smoking policy: A smoke free environment for all indoor activities at the convention will be provided except for the auction where a designated smoking area will be established or an announcement made to advise of the situation. [B-95-15]

  9. Annual Meeting:

    9.1 – Nothing at the convention may be scheduled to conflict with the business meeting [By-laws / A-99-03].

    9.2 – A financial report should be given to the membership each year before the beginning of the annual meeting [A-88-04].

    9.3 – The Annual Meeting shall be conducted in accordance with the AKA By-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised [by-laws].