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Kite Pin Challenge – AKA Annual Convention

Kite Pin Challenge

Thursday, 7:00 pm, Convention Center Second Floor Commons Area

Maybe you have the most pins in your collection! Step up to this Thursday evening event and show off what you have. Do you collect kite pins that all have a theme running among them? Come tell us the story and show off the collection. Maybe you are looking for pins that would complete your collection! Show up for the challenge and see what you can find. This event is all about having the largest collection of pins, it’s about creating a theme, and it’s about having fun and winning prizes!

The competition categories include:

  1. Largest Kite Pin Collection – For the child in all of us, who has the most Kite Pins in their collection. This is the one where SIZE does matter! Just how many kite pins can one person have? Come and see for yourself.
  2. Largest AKA Kite Pin Collection – Who has the Largest collection of AKA kite pins in their possession? Bring them and let’s see them.
  3. Most Interesting Kite Pin Collection – Share your special interest collection centered around a theme of your choosing. Have you collected all pins from U-Make, or Ft Worden? How about that one ear that took you to all parts of the world? We want to see your story told through your collection of Kite Pins.
  4. Kite Pin *Bingo* – This is where everyone present will find a pin to suit the category announced by the judges and call out “Kite Pin Bingo.” *You better be quick on this one*

This part of the event is always loud and lively.

So stop in for some fun, some kite pin envy and kite pin trading during this Thursday evening challenge. Kite Pin Judges’ rulings are final and are at the discretion of the judging staff.