AKA Annual Convention 2015 : What to bring

Every year, the members of the AKA meet to exchange ideas, fly kites, and most of all, gather with friends that share a passion for kites. This list, while not comprehensive, will give you an idea of what to bring for this Annual Convention in Enid, OK.

Special for this year :

  • Banners (for the banner parade)
  • Miniature Kites (for the miniature kite flash mob)
  • Warm clothing

The usual :

  • Stuff for the loud auction
  • Stuff for the bag raffle
  • KAP Photos
  • Competition Kites
  • Homemade Kites (kitemakers)
  • Sport Kites
  • Miniature Kites
  • Mass Ascension Kites
  • Sport Kites
  • Rokkaku & Fighters
  • Cellular/Dimensional
  • Soft/Flexible
  • Deltas

For the themed flies :

  • White kites (memorial fly)
  • Art kites
  • Ground displays
  • Workshop kites
  • Smallest kite in the bag
  • Kites/accessories with moving parts
  • Arches and trains
  • Your favorite kite
  • Kites with wooden spars
  • Your oldest kite
  • A fighter kite
  • Mystery kite
  • A (mostly) green kite
  • A kite with no bridle (single line attachment to frame)
  • A kite not made of nylon/polyester ripstop
  • A painted kite