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AKA Annual Convention 2015 : Workshop Descriptions

First Timers Introductions to Convention – Simon Crafts

Is this your first AKA Convention? Has it been some time since you attended convention? Have you attended before but don’t know many others who are here? Have you attended conventions before and would like to help new and returning attendees learn the “INS & Outs / ups & downs” of this terrific gathering of kite fliers? If you answered “yes to any of these questions, PLEASE JOIN US for an opportunity to meet other kite fliers and to hear ways to get the most from a convention experience.

Trash bag delta – a great indoor glider – Alexa King

Make and take an amazingly capable indoor glider using a plastic trash bag, wooden dowels and Scotch Magic Tape.  This kite has been used in competition and is a good workshop project for older kids. Immediately after making your kite you are welcome fly your new glider in the Indoor arena.

Pre-Judging Hand Made Kites – Mike Mosman

This is your chance to meet the judges, find out what they are looking for, and how they determine who wins. This is going to be another exciting year with some new competitors and many returning makers, bringing their best to AKA Nationals. We can hardly wait to see what’s in your bag!

Learn to Fly Indoor Kites – Donna Wendt

Donna started flying indoor kites after making her own at an AKA Convention in Seaside several years ago. She’s been “dinking around” with the indoor kites for a while now and really loves competing with her Karl Longbottom’s “Pterodactyl.“ Comes join her Tuesday morning for indoor flying tips and pointers. Bring your own Indoor kite.

Make and Take: Magic of the 3-stick kite – Scott Skinner

Variations and ideas for creative kites using only three, equal-length sticks. Paper and bamboo creations can be working prototypes for larger ripstop and carbon models.

The Drachen Foundation Collection is moving to South Korea- Scott Skinner

After 21 years of collecting, managing and cataloging, the Drachen Foundation collection has found a new home at the Wind Center Kite Museum. Scott Skinner details plans for the collection, preservation and future of the Drachen Foundation.
The DF kite collection includes a complete survey of cultural, world contemporary kites, contemporary paper art kites, as well as the famed Samuel Franklin Cody archive. The collection represents over 3000 items including kites, accessories, memorabilia, photos, videos, CDs, documents, and historical kite related artifacts

Learn to Fly: The Basics of Multi-flying (Flying 2 dual kites at the same) – Troy Gunn

Have you ever wondered how they do it? Learn the basics of flying 2 dual line kites at the same time. Troy Gunn has long since mastered the art of multi kite flying. He can even fly 3 dual lines at once! Come to this field workshop to see and hear Troy demonstrate how he does it.

Make and Take: Fighter Kite – Dave Young

Dave is one of the most prolific kite makers in the USA. His skills and knowledge have him designing and making some of the finest fighter kites in the U.S.A. Making a kite with Dave should be on every kiters’ bucket list. You will make a most flyable fighter; so maneuverable it will make you giggle!

Unexpected Flying Kites    – Loïk Lamalle (France)

Come join Loïk as he introduces you to his unique box kites.   He will show and discuss the products/tools he most often uses.   Key steps: shape, size and color and his cardinal rules to build kites.  Learn about his current projects. You will not want to miss this opportunity to hear and meet this innovative kite designer

Learn to Fly Fighter Kites – Bob Hegman

Bob Hegman and other fighter kite flyers will be giving hands on lessons. Learn the basics of letting out and bringing in line. How to make a fighter kite turn and dart Generally have a good time playing with this fun little kite Grandmaster Fighter kites will be available for you to fly.

Make and Take: Bubble wrap Jellyfish/Dragon Kite – Park Fleming

Learn how to make kites using bubble wrap for skins. Park has been experimenting with and making kites out of bubble wrap and other unusual items for years. He never fails to create real showstoppers with his unique and unusual kites. This year we will have a swarm of jellyfish to fly after this his workshop.

Sport Kite Symposium – Scott Davis

This annual meeting allows sport kite competitors the opportunity to meet with members of the sport kite committee and judges to ask questions, make suggestions, discuss rules, and offer ideas and direction for promoting the sport.

Appliqué the CBP way! – Christian Baden Powell

Christian will demonstrate how he creates his kites using a hot knife to cut ripstop on a light table. The matching of multiple colours using tracing paper and the adhering of said to one another with textile glue before sewing.

Post Judging Kite Making Competition – Mike Mosman

In the Kite making Post-judging Workshop we will go over the scoring statistics and gather your observations about this year’s competition. We will discuss possible rule changes and collect your opinions to take to the Kitemaking Committee.

Learn to Fly Dual and Quad line basics – Larry Stiles

Larry Stiles, Perpetual President of the Tulsa Wind Riders will be giving demonstrations and reviewing the basics of flying dual line and quad line kites. Larry has been flying, competing and teaching people of all ages how to fly multiline kites for 20 plus years. Bring your own kite for ‘hands on’ lessons.

How To Establish a Strong Kite Presence in Your Community – Terry Zee Lee and Drake Smith

Would you like kite activity to get more press coverage in your area?
Do you want more people involved in kite flying?
How do I get kites involved with established community events?
How do you get schools on board for yearly classroom visits?
What actions are necessary to get kite building classes into your local art museums?
How can you get local public spaces filled with kites?
How can I build a unique collection of kites that is relevant to my area?
All these questions and more will be answered in this informative workshop.

Wind Jammers – 32 Years of Flying and Counting – Gary Maynard

The Wind Jammers travel all around the world putting on shows with performances choreographed and designed to meet the needs of the event. They specialize in flying trains in which each pilot flies 10 or more kites on long lines with long tails. No wind? They are also masters of the radio-controlled motorized kites. Come and learn how the World Famous Wind Jammers have stayed together as an Internationally Famous Kite Flying Team since 1983.

Indoor Kitemakers’ Competition Forum – Jon Burkhardt

Come join the discussion about developing an Indoor Kitemakers’ Competition for AKA National Conventions.   This will be an open forum discussion about who, what, when, where, how, and especially IF a new kitemakers’ competition for indoor kites should be created.   Will you be ready for this in 2016?  Now is the time for opinions and volunteers to be heard.

Why planes fly – Mr. Ken Sumpter

Come learn about lift and drag from an F-16 Pilot. Ken is an Applied Aerodynamics instructor and former pilot at the Vance Air Force base here in Enid. Lean what pilots know and use for maximum flight and performance

Make a Miniature Kite – Susie Jo Skinner

Choose between the AKA Logo or the 2015 AKA Convention Logo to make a two inch miniature kite. Kites will be tissue paper with nylon spars. All supplies and tools proved. Instructions for printing your own sails on tissue paper using an ink jet printer and tips on where to find supplies for next miniature kite project will also be discussed.