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2014 AKA Convention Site Selected!


(Nags Head, NC) – The American Kitefliers Association will bring their 37th Annual Convention to the birthplace of aviation – the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The AKA is a 2,500 member strong international organization of people interested in kites, kite flying, kite making, and the history and ways to use kites.  Many of the AKA members will gather in Nags Head during the week of September 29 – October 4, 2014.

General Attractions:


During this week, AKA will have flying exhibits open to the public including mass ascensions each day with 100 or more of the same style of kite and sport kite competitions with competitors flying their kites in intricate patterns or making them dance to music.  Kite makers will bring their flying artwork to be judged for beauty in the air and the finer points of construction.  Battles will be held with large Rokkaku kites and smaller fighter kites and there will be indoor kite flying showing kites that fly without any wind at all.

One-of-a-kind flying art by builders from all over the USA, Europe, and the Orient will be flying and competing for Grand Champion honors.  Miniature kites will be on display, some less than one inch in their longest dimension.  The largest kites in the sky may be up to 20 feet wide and 100 feet long.

For additional information, contact the American Kitefliers Association through the web site at www.kite.org, by e-mail at aka@aka.kite.org, or by phone at (609)755-KITE (5483).