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A new issue of Kiting is on its way!

kiting-magazineThe Spring 2013 issue of Kiting goes out in the mail this week!

Another great issue assembled by our Editor, Phil Broder who is making the big move to Alabama over the coming weeks – we wish him safe travels and our thanks for the amazing content.

Have content for the next issue? Send it to editor@aka.kite.org!

Cover photo by Lori Robinson:

Either someone just scored a touchdown, or Steve de Rooy is excited about his rokkakus.

In the new issue:

  • Son of Starfarker – From the ashes of it’s predecessor rises a phoenix, er, farker.
  • Camping with Cliff – Bringing kites to camp with kids.
  • Qatar – Kites come to the UAE desert.
  • Kuwait – Kiteman productions helps celebrate an anniversary with a bang.
  • OKR – New kites take shape at this western retreat.
  • MKS – New kites take shape at this eastern retreat.
  • Green or Brown? – Just how eco-friendly is kiteflying?
  • Cape Town – South African skies are filled with color.
  • Bag Trackers – Can technology solve the problem of lost luggage?
  • The Pointy End – Everything you need to know about putting thread through fabric.
  • KAPtions – Flying over Niagara Falls… what could go wrong?
  • Buffalo Jump – A Native American art project is ready to soar.
  • Treasure Island – Florida’s white sandy beaches beckon.
  • XXX – Detroit’s Windjammers hit the three decade mark.
  • KTAI Show – What happens in Vegas… Appears right here in Kiting!
  • Kite Cookbook – What dish goes well with a vintage parafoil?
  • Empty Spaces In The Sky – Kite friends recently passed on.
  • Sporting Life – Three Leagues Of Their Own
  • Fightin’ Words – Better Bridles
  • Voices from the Vault – The Sonntag Family
  • Debatable – Are Giant Inflatables Good or Bad For Kiting?
  • K-Files – Ben Huggett

So the only question left – are you a member of the AKA?