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AKA Convention Presenter Feature: Lee Sedgwick.

Today we have a chat with Lee Sedgwick, kitemaker and flier extraordinaire!17434759_10212617554853885_8279217308123328330_o

Q: Why did you pick to host a workshop/talk about Making and Flying the YFO? People want to know where you can buy a YFO … You can’t so you can make one at the workshop.

Q: How many AKA Conventions have you been to?  25 or so

Q: Why should someone who has never been to the convention, make the decision to come?  Meet new people … See old Friends … See new things … Get new ideas …   Fly Kites!
Q: As you run around through out the day, what do you use to keep properly fueled and on the top of your game? Water
Q: A magical fairy has descended on the AKA Convention, and is going to grant you four wishes, what do you wish for?  Sue … Pam … Cory … Rich for a start.
Q: Who would you say is your greatest influence in the kite world and why?  Steve Edeiken  I saw him flying rainbow stunt kits in SD and that was my beginning … In 1981
Q: What is your favorite kite?    YFO

Hey Vendors, are you in interested in being a part of the AKA Convention? Why not show your wares at the Fly Mart!  Find out more here: Fly Mart application