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AKA Video Trailers

We are currently working on the concept for two new AKA video “trailers” – one short and one long, showing ALL genres of kiting at their best, easily displayed on the AKA or any other website (easy YouTube or Vimeo embed will be available)… The idea is to provide a more moving representation of the AKA and everything kiting has to offer on our home page, and to make these resources available to our members as well as affiliated clubs and merchants for the general promotion of kiting.
If you have a collection of good HIGH DEF video, we're looking for premium 30 second video clips to edit and use in this project:

  • Inflatable show kites
  • Fighter kites / rokkaku
  • Sport and quad kite flying
  • Kitemaking and workshops
  • Kids at play (Bol races, candy drops, etc)
  • Amazed spectators with kites in background
  • Unusual kite scenes that capture attention
  • Etc, etc, etc.

We could really use your help with this, and we're asking you to please upload your 30 second video clips at no smaller than 720p resolution – either to YouTube or Vimeo.

Then, simply send the video link(s) to us via:

videoproject [at] aka.kite.org

Reminder, these will be short videos when completed and we'll only be using small samples from some of the submissions, so 30 second clips of “pure gold” kite moments and landscapes are key – stunning visual presence in a short burst.

We can't include all submissions, but if we use your footage you will receive full credit for your contribution at the end of the video.