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Convention Goers!!

The hamsters behind the scenes have whipped up this neat supplemental to the Convention Program. Printed copies will be available at the convention.  What if you need to quickly figure out how to get from the Experienced Individual Ballet to the SeaHorse Room #2 for your next workshop? Use the handy map!

Can’t remember what day a workshop is on, but don’t have your program on you? No problem!

2016 AKAGN Supplemental

Remember to share your experience online and add the following to your photos and posts:  #AKAGN

This will help others follow along with experience!

If you aren’t attending, make sure to tune into the AKA Facebook Page for live updates, live videos, and more!  You don’t have to be a facebook member to see what’s going on Facebook. Simply go to https://www.facebook.com/akasocial/   You may be prompted with a security feature, but you are only a few simple keystrokes away from seeing all of the action.

We will try to post on the blog as much as possible, so keep a watchful eye here for updates and recaps of what is going down. Maybe catch a glimpse of the kite-athalon, or the indoor performance.  Do you have something you absolutely want to see? Shoot a message to the AKA Facebook page, or tag us on Twitter: @AKAkiters, and we will try and get it featured in the daily reel!