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2017-2018 Board of Directors

Please take a second to welcome the Board of Directors for 2017-2018. We will be doing features on not only our new Board members, but features on those whose term is over. Stay tuned to the AKA Blog for more updates. We are all currently returning from the fun at the convention and getting caught up with our normal lives!

Executive Board

President – Nic O’Neill

VP 1 – Phillip Whittaker

VP 2 – Scott Davis

Treasurer – Cel Dallmer

Secretary – Gayle Woodul

Director at Large – Tobias Arndt

Director at Large – Kristian Slater

Director at Large – Brett Marchel

Director at Large –  Tony Jetland

Director at Large – Lindsey Johnson


Regional Directors

Region 1 – Maggie Engvall

Region 2 – Kurtis Jones

Region 3 – Donald Jacobs

Region 4 – John Layton

Region 5 – John Graves

Region 6 – Position to be filled for one year. Announcement coming shortly.

Region 7 – Position to be filled for one year. Announcement coming shortly.

Region 8 – Phillip Whitaker

Region 9 – Brett Morris

Region 10 – Andrew Cimburek

Region 11 – Tom McAlister

Region 12 – Glen Rothstein

Region 13 – Linda Sanders


A super big thank you to the outgoing board members and all of the work they have put in this last year (and years before). We will be doing individual features on each of them on this blog in order to fully encompass the work they have done and our gratitude to them.

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please contact the president ASAP. Committee appointments will be happening in the next two weeks. (president @ aka.kite.org)




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