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October Fireside Chat – Leadership Transition and Other Updates

Hey Guys and Gals, a note from Nic O’Neill, President of the AKA.

Nic O'Neill AKA PresidentI just wanted to take a second to let you all know that the transition to the new board has been going very smoothly. We have been using this month to catch up and learn.  There is a lot in the works, and over the next two months we will be making sure to get the infrastructure set up for all of these wonderful ideas to be successful. Committee appointments will be announced in the beginning of November, and the first major actions for the AKA will be in the new year.  There is also quite a few things to still get done from the previous administration, the convention, and previous projects. Please bear with us as we try to make sure each box is checked.

This past month (and the rest of 2016) we have been focused on hearing what the membership has to say and using that to guide the path ahead. The big concerns voiced have been about the website, membership growth, and education.  These are VERY big tasks that involve many hands, many volunteer hours, and LOTS of pre-planning to make sure we stay on course. The intent is to set up these systems to be ‘legacy’ based; something that can stay with the organization and grow from one group of leaders to the next. With that being said, we know that at times it can look a lot like in-action, but the people working on the project feel like it is consuming their lives. So how do we bridge this gap? Communication. Expect to see more action on the Blog and in the members section (under News).  We will do our best to keep everyone up to date on whats going on.

Emails have been going out from myself and your Regional Directors. If you have not seen anything yet, and you know you are an active member, please contact us immediately.

If you have any general questions or concerns, please contact your Regional Director first, or message the AKA Facebook page.