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Sport Kite Rules change

Here is the new and old wording for qualification for nationals:


  1. Convention Grand National Invitations


  1. U.S. Invitations      


NEW WORDING: Any flier who has competed in an AKA Regional competition during the just completed season is eligible to compete in the AKA Grand National Sport Kite Championships.



Convention Grand National invitations are extended each year to the top

finishers in each conference. Only the top five places in each discipline will

receive invitations to compete at the convention.


You will see the page 1 updates in the appendix.

Changed to Version 3.0 of the ISK rules from version 2.7 July 30, 2011.

Changed section II.E.i for AKA qualifications.


The changes will be reflected in a new document shortly, ready for print and distribution by August 15th, 2017. With the current rule set, and season based requirements, this rule will NOT be in effect for the 2017 convention. It will apply to the season applicable for attendance at the 2018 convention.