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Sport Kite Updates

From Sport Kite Chair Scott Davis:


Bringing all of the kite flyers to one stage! This new format is exciting. Run like a regular ballet competition with judges and score sheets, but there’s a catch, any number of lines on the kite. Single line, dual line, and quad line mixing it up. No qualifying, no registering, just be at the flying field at high noon Saturday! Dare try and be the overall champion? Bring your music, 2-4 minutes long.

Q: Can you fly more than one kite? Like you can with indoor competition?


Q: Can I do this with my partner?

A: This is currently only open to individuals, but you could always compete against your partner! (sorry teams and pairs, maybe soon?)

Q: If I am flying a dual line, can I stake down a single line?

A: SURE! the rules are the same as ‘MIB’. 3 minute setup, one spotter, same judging sheets and boundaries.

We have a new rulebook!

For the AKA, the latest edition of the International Rulebook takes effect

August 1st, 2017


There are too many subtle changes to summarize here. Do notice that the Compulsory Book has many new figures.

AKA Nationals 2017 still falls under the previous rules and will not include any of the new figures.

About the Sport Kite Symposium

A broad range of sport kite topics flood this roundtable discussion every year. What will be the hot topics this year? Don’t worry, we’ll be in a bigger room this year. Chairs for everyone! Intense, fun, informative, and cookies!

Scott Davis

Chair AKA Sport Kite Committee