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Thank You!


A big THANK YOU to the folks that purchased a t-shirt from our recent t-shirt fundraiser! It was a big success, and we are gathering together some graphic artists to create MORE limited edition t-shirts for you.  Your purchases and donations help the AKA continue its mission. All of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of the following 69 folks.  If you are one of them, please know you have our heartfelt thanks.

(We omitted the last name for privacy reasons)

Priscilla, Nic, Genevieve, Donald, Michael, Bryan, Brad, Angela, Christian, Laura, Katherine, Robert, Zak, Michael, Gayle, Gerald, Edward, Mary, Ronald, Peter, Tommye, Kevin, Melissa, Richard, Gerald, Russell, Sandra, Bruce, Roger, Armando, Kip, Willa, Ruth, Mark, Jurgen, Ronald, Deb, Charles, Walt, Michael, Jeanne, Ronald, Daniel, Michael, Darril, John, Beth, Maureen, Dan, Gerald, Jane, Anthony, Michael, John, James, Darell, John, Ellen, Suanne, Margrit, Christian, Tom, Phillip, Bill, Mark, Michael, Lori, Melissa, Dallas.

Shirts are being printed right now, and will be shipping out by January 5th. If you ordered yours, expect to receive it shortly thereafter.

If you missed out on this limited edition shirt, don’t worry, we will be doing more in the near future. Stay tuned for more information as we kick off the new year.