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The Thank You Charlie Program needs your help

FREE KITESThe start of the Thank You Charlie Program took off more than any of us thought it would. Above and beyond! Since the start of the program we’ve given over 1,000 kite kits to children. We are on hold now because we need funding and more kite kits. We are looking for not donations of all sizes. We need support from the folks at home with a few dollars lying around, and we need companies that would like to be a sponsors.

Think about the first kite you flew. The first kite you made. These are memories for a lifetime.

Charlie Sotich always donated his miniature kites to us and was known around the world. We always would call him and everyone in the room would yell “Thank You Charlie!”, not just for his many donations but for his very special friendship to many of us. So our mission is to keep his donations going for as many children that we can give a kite to.

So, if you can donate a dollar or many dollars, you can be insured that you will be putting a smile on children where ever we send kite kits to.

Thank You!
Co chair
Cliff Quinn
Marla Miller


If you would like to donate to this program you can either join our online fundraising campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/ThankYouCharlie

or got to our Donation page and select ‘Thank You Charlie Program’ under the donation designation.  http://members.kite.org/Donate