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2004 Grand National Fighter Results

2004 Grand National Fighter Kite & Rokkaku Championships

Fighter Kites

Novice Skills
1st Aled Lewis
2nd Carol Jarvie
3rd Fiona Lewis
- Sharon Champie
- Dennis Churchill

Experienced Skills
1st Brian Johnson
2nd Ken Blain
3rd Andy Selzer
4th Jay Bell
5th Wooody Woods
- Tom Brailey
- Terry McPherson
- Dave Young
- Bill Schumacher

Novice Line Touch
1st David Gomberg
2nd Vaino Raun
3rd Fiona Lewis
4th Mike Dioguardo
5th Tony Heeschen
6th Barbara Hall
7th Sylvia Bernauer
8th Carol Jarvie
9th Dennis Churchill

Experienced Line Touch
1st Steve Bateman
2nd Andy Selzer
3rd Brian Johnson
4th Ken Blain
5th Sharon Champie
6th Jay Bell
7th Woody Woods
8th Lisa Willoughby
9th Dave Young
10th Bruce Jarvie
11th Aled Lewis
12th Bill Schumacher
13th Terry McPherson
14th Tom Brailey

Rokkaku Battles

1st Glen Haynes
2nd Merv Cooper
3rd Steve Bateman
4th Lisa Willoughby
5th Richard White

1st Team Thunder Road
(Steve Bateman, Lisa Willoughby, and Dennis Smith)
2nd Team Rokode
(Richard White and Aled Lewis)
3rd Team Mona
(Merv Cooper and Vaino Raun)
4th Team Rocomo
(Jim Cosca, Rosanne Rosanova, and Monica Orso)
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