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2008 Grand National Fighter Results

2008 Grand National
Fighter Kite and Rokkaku Results

Novice Line Touch
1st Jim Davis
2nd Kat Gabrel
3rd Carol Jarvie
4th Lynn Berry
5th Corey Jensen
6th John ?
Experienced Line Touch
1st Lisa Willoughby
2nd Aaron Champie
3rd Sharon Champie
4th Carl Anderson
5th Jim Davis
6th Bruce Jarvie
7th Darrin Skinner
8th Bill Schumacher
9th Jeremy Terpening
Novice Skills
1st Carol Jarvie
2nd Jim Gibson
3rd Lynn Berry
4th John Hall
Experienced Skills
1st Carl Anderson
2nd Bill Schumacher
3rd Nelson Borelli
4th Bruce Jarvie
5th Sharon Champie
6th Darrin Skinner
Individual Rokkaku Battle
1st Ronda Brewer
2nd Mark Virgilio
3rd Andy Birchfield
4th Thom Shanken
5th Harold Ames
6th Tom Butler
7th Brad Weiner
8th Will Smoot
9th Chuck Holmes
10th Lisa Willoughby
11th Jeremy Terpening
Jim Gibson
Harry Gregory
Chuck Jones
Chris Martin
John DeMateo
Sara Torak
Team Rokkaku Battle
1st Team Bandanna Bunch
Ronda Brewer, Carl Anderson, Jeremy Terpening
2nd Team Brat
Tom Butler, Brad Weiner
3rd Team V-Tech
Lisa Willoughby, Dennis Smith
4th Team Saktori Gaijian
Harold Ames, Andy Birchfield
5th Team Charlie Don’t Run
Chuck Jones, John DeMateo
6th Team Rose
Chris Martin, Sara Torak
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