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2011 – Meg Albers

Nomination letter:

2012 Edeiken Recipient - Meg AlbersThe Edeiken award has been presented in the past, to kiters who contributed to our community by traveling on cultural exchanges, writing, organizing events, teaching, researching our kite history, and facilitating non-profits to promote or preserve kiting. Our nominee has done all of these things and more.

Our nominee has traveled to kite events across Europe, Asia, and the Middle-East.

Our nominee has written, not just articles, but series of articles for Kiting and KiteLife.com.

Our nominee organized a high-profile international festival that was later recognized as one of the top festivals – not just kite festival, but any festival – in the world.

Our nominee has developed school curricula using kites and implemented a teaching program in public schools.

Our nominee is a leading authority on kite history and manages a web page detailing research and information on historical kites and kiters.

And our nominee has recently formed a non-profit foundation use kiting as a tool for teaching, personal development, and confidence building.

Consider the following:

The Aeolus Foundation uses kites as a hands-on, inter-active, educational tool in a variety of avenues; instructing teachers, students, senior citizens, and entire communities. Aeolus Curricula is focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), with an eye on encouraging young, under-served females.

For over 20 years, our nominee has taught in New York public schools and libraries where she developed and implement an assortment of kite programs. In addition to school settings, she has brought kiting to senior citizens, mentally and physically disabled people, hospital patients; and every segment of the community.

And our nominee organized the widely acclaimed Niagara International Kite Festival. The event was named one of the six best international festivals of 2008 by the London Sunday Times Travel Magazine and was featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

For her long and continuing efforts to promote kiting, and educate the public in its history, artistry, and culture, we are pleased to nominate Meg Albers.

Nominated by:

David – kite traveler and Edeiken Award winner
Roger Chewning – event organizer and Edeiken Award winner
Scott Skinner – foundation developer and Edeiken Award winner
Kay Buesing – kite historian and Edeiken Award winner
Corey Jensen – author and Edeiken Award winner