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2013 – Ray Bethell

Nomination letter:

 2013 Steve Edeiken - Ray BethellThis nomination for the Edeiken Award is long overdue. But our nominee is as deserving today as he may have been five, ten, or 15 years ago.

We are endorsing for AKA’s highest honor, the consummate global kiting ambassador. He has certainly traveled the world. He is quick to share a warm smile and a firm handshake. His personal story and his kiting story is universally compelling. And wherever he goes, people are spellbound by the beauty and grace of what he does.

To reach a wider audience, our nominee has been featured in award-winning documentary short films, and has hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube.

We first encountered this kiter as a team member in the first World Cup, held in Seaside in 1990. And while not known for team flying, he is certainly known for flying multiple-kite routines. In fact, he holds multiple world kiting records, which is ironically appropriate.

This kiter resides in Vancouver BC, but is at home and surrounded by family wherever he goes in the world.

And wherever he goes, he shares his love of kiting and kite people. Good stuff!

We are humbled to nominate our friend, Ray Bethell.

David Gomberg
Susan Gomberg
Susan Skinner

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