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2013 – Kay Buesing

Nomination letter:

2013 Bob Ingraham - Kay BuesingWe would like to nominate an individual who we think is, beyond words, deserving of this prestigious award.

This is a person who has given a lifetime of love, effort, and perseverance to the American Kitefliers Association and to kiting world, who has bonded kiting world wide, who launched and nurtured a dream into reality for the preservation of kites and to share the joy of kiting with the world.

We would like to nominate Kay Buesing, the curator of the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington.

Kay is a lady who has kiting running through every vein in her body. Often working with the AKA, she not only established the Museum, it was through her efforts that it has grown to a fantastic institution.

Tiring and wanting to relax and enjoy her accomplishments, she finally gave up the reigns only to find her expertise was needed once again. Without hesitation, she stepped up to the plate and the Museum continues on as if nothing has changed.

Despite all the time and effort she put into the Museum, Kay has always had time to be a source of support, energy, time, information, and expertise to the AKA. She has served on different committees and on the Board of Directors. When the AKA needed a home for its archives, she opened the Museum doors to them and quickly began to utilize parts of them to the benefit of the kiting world.

We want to recognize and thank her for this marvelous dedication to the AKA and the kiting world.

Submitted by Cliff Quinn, co-sponsored by Marla Miller and Mel Hickman