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Gayle Woodul – 2017 Robert Ingraham Award Recepient

We would like to nominated Gayle Woodul for Robert Ingraham  for her continued support of the AKA by unselfish giving of her time and financially support them. Her pure love of kiting shows by her actions. As long as I can remember, Gayle, has been on the Board in one position or the other. She has shaped policy and assured that policy is followed. Gayle has and continues to serve on many committees. Gayle is very passionate in her support of the AKA, this passion for AKA often shows when she discusses issues within the AKA.
Gayle has traveled the world promoting the AKA, it just so happens she also picked up her husband, Christian, along the way.  We along with many others I’m sure, consider Gayle a friend who I have had the pleasure of meeting through kiting.
Gayle currently serves as Secretary of the AKA.
Thank you,
Michael Dallmer 110697
Cecilia Dallmer 110698
Michael Dallmer Jr 110699