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2009 – John Pollock

Nomination letter:

2009 Lee Toy Winner - John PollockI have often been awed by the creativity and artistry of kites I seen at events around the world. But seldom have I been as moved as when I toured the AKA kite art gallery several years ago in Ocean City. I found there the remarkable kites of John Pollock.

Any of the kites, individually, were spectacular. But the collection taken as a whole was breathtaking. It included larger showpieces, symbolic flying stories, and detailed triptychs that would be lovely in a gallery or on display in a home if they were not better suited for the skies.

Kites as art is difficult to define. And I'm no artist or expert. But I know good stuff when I see it. The experts like him too! John has been selected as AKA's Grand Champion twice.

I was startled to discover that Dr. John Pollock has never received the Lee Toy Kite Artist of the Year Award. I'm pleased to nominate him.

David Gomberg


Susan Gomberg
Steve Ferrel