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2010 – Dave & Diane Butler

Nomination letter:

2010 Lee Toy WInner - Dave & Diane ButlerKites as art is a necessarily ambiguous subject.

I’ve never been completely confident of where craftsmanship ends and art begins. It is just as well that I don’t judge Comprehensive Kitemaking.

I do however appreciate kites that are

interesting, unusual, and attractive. And I think Lee Toy did as well. For that reason, I’m pleased to nominate for the award in Lee’s name, David and Diane Butler.

David and Diane both make interesting kites. On thing that is interesting is that their kites are quite distinct.

Diane’s kites are larger, and unique because of her focus on a batik style dye and resist painting that results in delightful flying images.

David kites are smaller – miniature in fact. His Celtic graphics are pleasing not only for their detail, but also for the fact that they concentrate such beauty into such a small flying surface.

Both of the Butlers have shared their knowledge and techniques in numerous workshops for AKA, Fort Worden, and the Oregon Kitemakers Retreat.

They are so good at teaching, that even I was able to create something that looked artistic.

David and Diane are also prolific collectors of kite paraphernalia. They donate to auctions and events across the country. This would not normally be relevant to the Toy Award except that their acquisitions have such a historic, unique, and artistic flair. Surely preserving art is as important as creating it.

For their efforts to create, to teach, and to preserve kite art, I hope the Committee will recognize David and Diane in Lee Toy’s memory.


David Gomberg

Endorsed by Susan Gomberg and Richard Dermer