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2012 – Robert Brasington

Nomination letter:

2012 Lee Toy Winner - Robert BrasingtonRobert Brasington’s love of architecture and nature are the foundation for his designs and keen use of color gradients resulting in a recognizable, unique and innovative style.  He has designed and produced literally hundreds of different kites.  Currently producing over 50 different kites, with seemingly endless color combinations.  He also does commission work, and designs for New Tech and Into the Wind.

He enjoys an International reputation for putting on his own festival within a festival, flying from first thing in the morning to the end of the day, with a spectacular show of quality, color and unique kites that are sought after worldwide.

His charming Australian personality, teaching skills and experience make his workshops sought after worldwide.  Catering to the needs of workshop organizers,   he has developed instructional materials, which are not limited by language.

A long time member of the AKA, Robert Brasington’s love of kite flying is evident in all that he does.  Perhaps the most likable, approachable, humble kite flyer, he is, by his very nature, a true ambassador to kiting.

Nominated by:

Ronald Miller

Marla Miller

Seconded by:
Linda Sanders,

Cathrine Gabrel