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2015 – Bobby Stanfield

Nomination letter:

This nominee’s innovative designs have been admired world wide and have inspired many people to build on his contribution. From his methodical cleaness of design to his innovative contribution of connectors, this nominee has given the kite world a plethora of ideas to play with. His connectors alone have inspired many to use what they have at hand to frame their kites.

He may only build one kite a year, but it is built with such perfection it doesn’t matter. I have had the privilege of judging his entries many times and I still walk away in amazement knowing he cinched it.

He left the kite world for a little while but he is back now and his achievements should be honored with this award.

Lee Toy was a great friend of mine as he was to many. Lee would have totally supported the nomination of Bobby Stanfield for this prestigious award.


Kathy Goodwind
Christian Baden-Powell
Gayle Woodul
Mel Hickman