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Affiliated Clubs

What Are Affiliated Kite Clubs?

Over 55 local or regional kite clubs are affiliated with the American Kitefliers Association. These clubs are listed in Association publications including this web site, receive support from the AKA Club Liaison, and share other information and materials.

Affiliated Clubs can receive AKA insurance coverage for all “fun flies”, meetings, and get-to-gethers. (contact us for details)

Click Here to find a club in your area.

Become an Affiliated AKA Kite Club!   IT’S FREE!

Affiliated clubs must:

  1. support the goals of the AKA as stated in Article 2 of the Bylaws “… to educate the public in the art, history, technology, and practice of building and flying kites; to advance kiting, its joys and its values, in all nations.”
  2. have at least 5 AKA members
  3. and be non-commercial in nature.

Applications to become an AKA Affiliated Club are available from

  1. the National Headquarters xd@aka.kite.org
  2. or here in Adobe Acrobat Format (Get Adobe Reader)

For more information on affiliation please send e-mail to our Club Liaison