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Merci Sue !

Cet article pour remercier Sue Storey, cervoliste photographe anglaise, qui nous a envoyé cette belle photo de Berck 2012, que de souvenirs...
Merci Sue !
This article to thank Sue Storey, English kiter-photographer, who sent us this beautiful picture of Berck, 2012, what memories ...
Thank you Sue!

Oct 24th 3:58am • No Comments

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Great War - 1914 1918 - Observations War Kites foreigners

Samuel Franklin Cody, an American entertainer and lasso thrower, buys to his son a kite derived the Hargrave models. It transforms this device by adding side wings. His system interest the English army that recruits him in 1894. Then he follows closely experiments on different models. He develops, i…

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Photos from Jim Martin's post in W.A.C.K.O.S. Kite Club's Unofficial Facebook Group

Lovely day today out at Frank Liske -- even with the loss of the best field, it was still a good flying day. Got some new stuff up.

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Frozen River Kite Festival

(by Robert aldrich)

Oct 23rd 8:04pm • 3 Comments

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Photos from Justin Abel's post in S.T.A.P...........Susquehanna Tethered Areodyne Pilots

At Samuel S. Lewis State Park.

Oct 22nd 2:36am • No Comments

Beware of scams and spam out here., even in the "Kite world "?

Mary Buck

Hi All. Last year I was selling my dad's kites and had an ad on kitebuilders which was recently re-posted. Although someone sent me a link to the recent ad I still cannot access it. I wanted to let everyone know that the recent post selling Gene Lewandowski's kites is not valid. I have no idea if this has been set up as a scam or something else but in the process of trying to get the ad removed, I wanted to warn everyone. Thank you.

Oct 21st 11:04pm • No Comments

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Photos of Vol Remorque

NEWS çà se fête ! Samedi 18 octobre à 12 h un cervoliste de Rézé entend dire qu'il y a des cerfs volants à vendre dans une Association aux alentours de Nantes. Il s'y rend et récupère le lot pour une bagatelle. Sur place il a reconnu les sacs. A 16 h, nous les récupérons. L'enquête du vol de remorque est de nouveau ouverte. La remorque n'est peut être pas loin, à savoir... Dans notre malheur, nous avons de la chance. Nous n'avons pas tout récupéré mais c'est déjà pas mal. A vous de découvrir la suite ! Merci beaucoup à JP pour son honnêteté. NEWS here to celebrate! Saturday, October 18 at 12 noon for a cervoliste Rézé hear that there are kites for sale in Association around Nantes. He went there and got the lot for a trifle. On site he recognized the bags. At 16 h, we recover. The investigation of the theft of trailer is reopened. The trailer can not be far, namely ... In our misery, we're lucky. We do not have all recovered but it's not bad. You to discover the rest! Thank you very much to JP for his honesty. Plus d’actualités

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Welcome aboard Gary Mark!

Photos of American Kitefliers Association

Gary Mark's fotos 2013, Uiseong, South Korea.

Oct 18th 12:37pm • 1 Comment

Friday Night Flights, this appears to glow

Photos of American Kitefliers Association


Oct 17th 2:00pm • 3 Comments

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Thanks Jim Nichols, sometimes even material from our own staff goes unposted unless Robin finds it.... :-P

glenn mitchell

Staying young by flying kites.

Oct 16th 1:26am • 1 Comment

Archie Stewart

How do I say THANK YOU to the AKA and those who nominated me for the 2014 STEVE EDEIKEN AWARD? THANK YOU!

I received the award on Columbus Day at an indoor fly for the people of Boston's Fenway area. This event held at the Boston YMCA's NEW gymnasium hosted over 400 visitors and thanks to kite fliers from around New England we made over 175 kites that the kids decorated and flew indoors.

If it were not for all my friends in the kiting community who through the years unselfishly shared their expertise and advice none of this would be possible.
This award will always be treasured. It is an honor to be listed among the legends inscribed on it. So once again,
THANK YOU American Kitefliers Association. See you in Enid '15.

Oct 15th 2:05pm • 2 Comments