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Kansas Kite anchors, Al Sparling inspects them for sharp edges the evening before Wind & Wheels Kite Festival

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Empty Space in the Sky, Tal Streeter.
An empty place in the sky...

George Peters wrote,
"Artist, sculptor, writer, teacher, professor and kite master, Tal Streeter passed away today after a second stroke hit last week. His books inspired many in the love of the sky and the art and poetry of kites. He left many friends around the world with a deeper appreciation of the winds above us.

"The sky begins at your feet" ~ Tal Streeter
Tal Streeter - Endless Column - 1968
Tal Streeter - in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Art of the Japanese Kite - This book opened me to the wonder and joy of kites and began a long journey by wind.
Tal Streeter's book, Art That Flies"

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Chris Schultz pics from Ivanpah

Ivanpah Buggy Blast

Sets let you organize your photos on Flickr. Explore the 23 photos in this set.

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"" on their own link.

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Raffle: Revolution 1.5 Travel Package | Raffles | American Kitefliers Association (AKA)

Raffle: Revolution 1.5 Travel PackagePosted onApril 1, 2014byJohn LutterinRafflesThis month we have the new Rev 1.5 travel package donated by Revolution Kites for another special raffle exclusively to our AKA Members and tickets will be available through most of this month with a winner drawn on May...

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American Kitefliers Association shared a group post: Junction Kitemakers Retreat.

Junction Kitemakers Retreat

Original Legs with the Legs Kite Master himself, in Junction 1992.

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Photos from Edmond Grignon's post in Contemporary Kite History


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American Kitefliers Association updated their cover photo.

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Thanks James Cooley

Photos of Fly It Port A Kite Shop

Ralph and Port A helped us get a field next to the Sandfest. Weather was perfect and crowds were wonderful. Thanks Ralph.

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American Kitefliers Association shared Eugen Palmers's photo.

Photos from Eugen Palmers's post in Kitebuilders

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Thanks Jason Wheeler,

Timeline Photos

A perfect flying day for Jason Wheeler

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Berck festival!

Berck sur mer 2014

Drachenfest 1. Tag 12.04.2014

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American Kitefliers Association shared a photo.

Photos from Edmond Grignon's post in Contemporary Kite History

Gaétan Cerfvolant Berck

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Wonderful to see this enthusiasm, Richard Dermer would be very proud of you folks!!!

Super Saturday

Good evening Wind Riders and friends! What a Super Saturday it was! Today the Tulsa Wind Riders attended Super Saturday at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee. There was literally something for everyone. Hundreds of people descended onto campus to enjoy the festivities. Several groups at the University hosted their own exhibits. There were cars, foods, singing, art work, and kites! Lots and lots of kites. Oh, and bagpipes! Several of the Wind Riders were in attendance to fill the sky with some Super views! The university had a huge assortment of kites for the kids to fly. With the help of a few excellent volunteers and some excellent winds, the day flew right by. Thank you to all of the Wind Riders for coming out today, and a very special thank you to AKA Region 8 Director, Catherine Gabrel for joining in the fun. You really know how to steal a show.

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American Kitefliers Association shared Tulsa Wind Riders's photo.

Timeline Photos

Good Morning Wind Riders and friends. We are really excited for this weekend. In case you may have missed it, the Tulsa Wind Riders will be attending Super Saturday tomorrow in Okmulgee. Super Saturday is a homecoming celebration for Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. This event is going to be spectacular. There are Bouncy Houses for the children. Art exhibits. Tours of the campus facilities. Culinary shows with food! Also a country music concert with national artist, Dylan Scott. Most importantly there will be a kite festival featuring the amazing kites of the Tulsa Wind Riders. Everyone is welcome to bring a kite out and join us, and there will be some loaner kites for those who don't have one. This event is free for everyone, and only a short hop down 75 highway. We have prepared this map to show everyone where it is. You take 75 South into Okmulgee and turn left at the Oklahoma Loop 56. Go around the curve and turn right onto Kennedy Street, bringing you onto campus. That is the kite field. We hope to see you there. We can't wait!

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American Kitefliers Association shared a page: National Kite Month - April.

National Kite Month - April

Raising awareness through focused kiting efforts in the month of April, register your event!

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Thanks Chris Schultz, photos from the Ivanpah Buggy Fly

Ivanpah Buggy Blast

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Playa (plural playas) may refer to:
- Dry lake, commonly called a playa in the southwest US and Mexico

FOR TWENTY YEARS, wind-powered enthusiasts from across North America have been gathering on Ivanpah Dry Lake for a week of fun and games every Spring. Located in the Mohave Desert, Ivanpah is situated in a valley about 45 minutes south of Las Vegas, where it is conveniently located near a three casino complex. Managed by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) this 13-square-mile (34 km2) playa is restricted for use by wind powered vehicles only.

Access to Ivanpah is through an indistinguishable gate at the east end of the lakebed, near the parking lot of an outlet shopping mall. The surface of the playa is nearly as hard as asphalt. This smooth, hard packed surface enables wind powered vehicles to amass great speeds. Speeds of 50 mph are commonplace for a kite powered land buggy. On March 26, 2009, the world land speed record for a wind-powered vehicle was set here by the Greenbird, which was clocked at 126.1 mph (202.9 km/h).

Recently, three very large solar thermal power plants, known as the Ivanpah Solar Electric Gathering System, were built on the western edge of the playa behind I-15. You’ll see this plant in the background of some photos here.

NAPKA, the North American Power Kiting Association ( organized circuit racing during the week.
Open and Masters class races were held on a triangle course that included upwind, downwind and reaching legs. A relay race was also held on the same course using soft, Crossboccia beanbags as ‘batons’. Each team had to pass the ball to their teammate before they were allowed to begin their lap.
There was a geocache contest (The Dirt Nap). This contest included traveling by wind to four different locations on the playa (each with a water cooler) to find puzzle pieces with portions of a 5th GPS location on it. The Fifth location offered a place to relax and enjoy a cooler filled with Gatorade and adult beverages.

What never ceases to amaze is the passion that drives someone to show up every year with a newly designed hand-built buggy. This year was no different. Dirk Hemza and his Nor-Cal Kiters brought their “Overkill” buggy. It was a sexy steel design that featured a handle on top of the fork. This was a great place to pull or lift the buggy and provide an attachment point for accessories. It also included a steering dampener.

Richard Enright from So-Cal also impressed with his “Terrablades”. Sort of like Rollerblades for kites. Check out the video: He also brought an electric contraption called “Rollercycle”, which provides a 10,000 watt motor that can be used in a buggy or on blades and provide a 25 mile range.

The Telemundo network showed up and filmed a segment on kite buggying for their extreme sports and travel show “Ritmo Deportivo”

What makes IBB special?
Is it the endless playa, a welcoming atmosphere and sense of community, spectacular sunsets, riding as fast as you can for miles before having to think about turning, new friends sharing the best BBQ west of Texas that’s been smoking all day, sailing the playa at night, or being so close to civilization, but feeling so far out? It's all that and more.

Plans for next years IBB are already underway.

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W.A.C.K.O.S. Festival 2014

Wings Across Carolina's Kiting and Ocra Society 2014 Festival at Frank Liske Park

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American Kitefliers Association shared Cowtown Kite Flyers's photo.

2014 Arlington Kite Festival

Setting up camp for the Arlington Kite Festival.

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