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American Kitefliers Association shared Gateway Kite Club's status update.

Gateway Kite Club

Come see us at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House for the Paper Kite Butterfly Festival this Saturday! We'll be there 9-4!

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American Kitefliers Association shared Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event's status update.

Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event

Announcing our complete line up for U-MAKE 2015!

Charm Lindner Surprise Class
Craig Wilson Images from Cloud Land ….KAP Musings
Deb Von Bokern Taller than You Colored Plastic Appliqué Kite Dragons, Octopus's, OHHH My!
Donna Houchins Paper Kite Butterfly
Donna Schenk Simply Silhouette Della Porta
Holm Struck TanGram+Zeddy
Holm Struck Trium
Jim Overmann Snappy Ass (Accessory) Bag
Joe Von Bokern One Piece No Sew Cody
Kevin Reynolds Midi Pointer by Ceewan
Kevin Reynolds Soup Bubbles - From Big To Giant
Linda Sanders Down Under Surf & Sea Banner
Ryan Larkey Charlie S No Sew Inspired Eddy

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WSIKF the fog cleared and wind came up this morning. Wednesday. Thanks Susan Tislow

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American Kitefliers Association shared Kiting TampaBay's photo.

Kiting TampaBay's Photos

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Tom Van Sant, one our modern pioneers in kiting!


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Thanks Troy!

High Flying! (1935)

Titles read: 'HIGH FLYING!' Honolulu, Hawaii. Several shots of flags and fish-shaped kites flying from poles in Honolulu to mark Tango-no-Sekku - the Japanes...

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There are only 47 days until the AKA Annual Convention in Nags Head, NC. Is everyone getting excited? The Outer Banks is one of the best kite flying areas in the country. I can't wait!

I did want everyone to know about the cutoff dates for early registration. If you are anything like me, you are cost conscious, and taking advantage of the early registration discount will save you $26 per person. That may not sound like a lot to some people, but every little bit helps in my book.

Early registration of $189 for the AKA Annual Convention ends at midnight Saturday, August 16th. Mail-in registrations must be postmarked by August 16th to be accepted. Clothing pre-orders will stop being accepted after the 16th as well.

After August 16th, the price for registration jumps to $215, and day passes jump to $45. If you wait until after September 13th, you will have to pay at the door at the rate of $240.

So make sure you take advantage of the early registration discount by registering online at:

For more information about the convention, including links to the host hotel, please visit:

Good winds to all!

John Lutter
President @ American Kitefliers Association (

2014 AKA Convention Registration

During this week, AKA will have flying exhibits, sport kite competitions, kite makers, kite battles with large Rokkaku kites and smaller fighter kites, and indoor kite flying showing kites that fly without any wind at all.

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American Kitefliers Association shared a link.

Wednesday morning in Denver - Google+

August 6, 2014

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American Kitefliers Association shared Peter Powell Kites's photo.

Timeline Photos

Up up and away a great evening of kite flying!

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Absolutely outstanding kite and video of it, Jim Nichols!

Fabulous Firebird kite by White Bird Kites

My 442nd kite video. This lovely creation from White Bird Kites is about 7ft (2.1m) long, and makes a wonderful spectacle when it flies.

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Thanks Fran Rew! 100 photos from Mikio Toki fly uploaded to the Rocky Mountain Kite Association Meetup site!

Photos - A Mile High Kite Meetup, Rocky Mountain Kite Association (Denver, CO) - Meetup Everyone is Welcome to GO FLY A KITE with us! Even if you just wanna Watch US fly kites please come see us, No RSVP necessary! Just show up. Please bring your cameras and post the pic

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For anyone wanting to leave a message of condolence to Adrian's family here is a link to his obituary where you can sign an online guest book

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KCKC update

KCKite Club
Are YOU ready to FLY???

Make plans now!!!

August 8-10, 2014 THIS SUNDAY!!!
Great Midwest Balloon Fest
Sunday, August 10th!
Kites at the Kansas Speedway!!

please email ASAP if you plan on helping with this fly!!

10/18/14 21st Annual Family Fall Festival (Pumpkin Patch) 1-4
Rainout is scheduled for Sunday (10/19).

You can subscribe to the KCKC Calerndar!! The full calendar as well as links to add it to you Google Calendar or add it to your Outlook are available on our NEWS PAGE

Welcome to the U.S. Bank Midwest Balloon Fest 2014

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