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Thanks again Edmond

Best of 2014

einige Eindrücke all der tollen Drachenfeste, die wir in diesem Jahr besucht haben..
some impressions of all these great kite-festivals we took part this year

Nov 22nd 6:28pm • No Comments

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Sumpango, entre el Cielo y la Tierra / Between Heaven and Earth

El festival de Barriletes Gigantes se celebra el día de Todos los Santos para recordar a los familiares fallecidos y para ahuyentar a los malos espíritus que se…

Nov 20th 3:43am • No Comments

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Photos of American Kitefliers Association

Ashok Shah

Nov 16th 6:24pm • No Comments

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Flexifoil riders at NABX 2011 - Day 1

The guys building and using their ramp: light winds, but fun none-the-less! -------------------- I'm always working on something new, so follow me on facebook:…

Nov 16th 12:52am • No Comments

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Riding the breeze - Life & Style - NZ Herald News

Rain, hail or shine - and sometimes all three on the one day - there is one thing you can expect from an Auckland spring: wind. So why not make the most of it and go fly a kite? - New Zealand Herald

Nov 16th 12:44am • No Comments

Setting up your dual line Stunt Kite

In this video, Jake from the Great Canadian Kite Company demonstrates the typical set up of a delta shaped, dual-line stunt kite. The featured kite is the Tr...

Nov 15th 10:59pm • No Comments

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Guatemala, Day of the Dead-Giant kites in graveyard.

Dia de Los Muertos-Giant kites flown in graveyard in Santiago Sacatepequez Guatemala,on Nov 1, one of the most beautifull festivials in Guatemala

Nov 15th 10:38pm • No Comments

How to setup & launch a POWER kite

How to set up your kite and launch

This video will show you how to set up your kite and different ways of launching your kite.

Nov 15th 10:12pm • No Comments

Looks like WSIKF 2013

Amazing Kites at the International Kite Festival

We went to the Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. The event is a week-long kite celebration and competition held each year durin...

Nov 15th 10:08pm • 1 Comment

Windy Saturday kite fly

My 501st kite video. On a very windy day, many kite-fliers stay at home, but I always try to fly something.

Nov 15th 9:57pm • No Comments

Trilobite kite as a lifter

My 506th kite video. The Trilobite is proving a very useful kite, as well as being interesting.

Nov 15th 9:56pm • No Comments

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Life is better............

Nov 13th 3:16am • 3 Comments

American Kitefliers Association shared a group post: S.T.A.P...........Susquehanna Tethered Areodyne Pilots.

S.T.A.P...........Susquehanna Tethered Areodyne Pilots

I got News that Rich Comras is going to be on the Point.....Sandy Point state park Md on the bay this Sunday. Inpromto Fly with that Snowbird Pusher Man .......Yes !

Come out and Share the Breeze :)

Nov 12th 2:54pm • No Comments

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Timeline Photos

Another perfect November kite day at the beach :) — at The Kite Loft.

Nov 11th 3:44am • 2 Comments

Stephan van Bommel's Trip to Ivanpah '14

This week I stopped by at Ivanpah Drylake near Primm, Nevada. In this video you get a good impression what it feels like to ride THE fastest drylake on earth...

Nov 11th 3:12am • No Comments

Veteran's Park KAP Pictures of Lake Michigan Lakeshore November 8, 2014

Today we honored the Veteran's by flying red, white & blue kites. These pictures are taken by a GoPro camera on a kite about 250" high. Kite Aerial Photograp...

Nov 10th 2:55am • No Comments

Not a big deal for most, but Robin Allen McCracken finally went to the "Dark Side".

My first Revolution kite

Nov 10th 1:06am • No Comments

American Kitefliers Association shared Into The Wind's status update.

Into The Wind

First reviews are in for the Spinning Star Line Laundry!
"They are awesome!" - Stef
Check them out here:

Nov 9th 5:32am • No Comments

From our Boarder buddies

Photos of Ozone Kites

First 2014/2015 session at the Lautaret Pass today. Super fresh powder snow. Wind mainly light blowing from South. Really enjoying the new OZONE Frenzy 14m (y) — with Iain Hannay.

Nov 9th 5:27am • No Comments

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Nov 9th 5:12am • No Comments

Delta KAP!

Photos from Tatsuwo Yamanaka's post in Kite Aerial Photography

I like this moment the kite lifts the camera rig.

Nov 9th 5:08am • 1 Comment

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Hardwater Kiting MESA Kite Day

A great day of flying with the kids from the MESA program. Some really good natural fliers out there!

Nov 4th 3:53am • No Comments