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Buffalo Cody Kite Company

Buffalo Cody Kite Company

This 14-ft Cody is ready to rule the sky!

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Thanks John Farrell for sharing this weather link

Windyty, wind forecast

Ubercool wind animation all over the world. Wind and weather forecast for kiters, surfers, pilots and anyone else.

Dec 17th 1:06am • 1 Comment

American Kitefliers Association shared Jörgen Nilsson's photo.

Photos from Jörgen Nilsson's post in Sportkitedesign Kites

Seven SUL

Dec 14th 7:59pm • 8 Comments

Thanks Roger Kenkel, Region 7 Director

Roger Kenkel

TBT a collection of photos from festivals this past year. Note the gorgeous shear banners from Jose Sainz and a custom banner by Linda Sanders right next to them. Good memories with these pictures and hoping for many more for the new year.

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Top of the Line

Photos of American Kitefliers Association

TOTL 1990 world cup SEASIDE OREGON fotos TROY GUNN

Dec 11th 3:04pm • 1 Comment

Paul Fieber

Hi gang:
Here are a few links regarding my "kite" interview with Nancy Zieman on PBS's Sewing with Nancy TV show which has recently been distributed. The first link is a short interview on her Nancy's Corner segment and the second link is her blog which covers making a kite using an applique technique. Hope you enjoy them.

Nancy's Corner - Paul Fieber, Kiting Enthusiast & Kitemaker Video from Sewing with Nancy
A passion for kite flying and photography led this kite enthusiast to become an award winning kitemaker....

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Courtney Wallace

Good evening is there any kite team that would like to participate at an event in the Caribbean? (especially night flyers)

Dec 11th 3:42am • 1 Comment

American Kitefliers Association shared Stephen Owen's photo.

Photos of American Kitefliers Association

Wow thank you AKA.

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Timeline Photos

All lit up in Porto Botte. Sardinia, Italy. Rider: Bartek Kulczynski. Photo by

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Thanks Richard Amirault

Giant Chinese Dragon Kite

300 ft giant Chinese Dragon kite at East Meets West Kite and Cultural Festival, Boston, MA October 2007

Dec 8th 3:41pm • No Comments

from our Boarding friends

Lord of the Wind Showdown

Lord of the Wind is Baja's Premier Kiteboarding competition.
Los Barriles, Baja -- January 15th-18th, 2015

Dec 8th 2:15am • No Comments

Another "Empty Space in the Sky" , Terry Murray has also passed away, any photos or more information about his kiting life, please post here to AKA Facebook page, Thank You! R.

Dec 5th 6:12pm • No Comments

American Kitefliers Association shared a link.

Upper-Midwest Area Kitemaking Event

A regional kitemaking retreat is being organized in the midwest the first weekend of March. U-MAKE or Upper-Midwest Area Kitemaking Event will be at the Lorado Taft Field Campus in Oregon, IL. Classes will start late on Friday evening, and conclude Sunday early afternoon. UMAKE, Rokkaku, banner, kit…

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