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Barriletes Gigantes de Sumpango (1 of 2)

Tanto en Santiago como en Sumpango, Sacatepéquez, cada 1 de noviembre se llevan a cabo diversos concursos, que incluyen varias categorías, que van desde la i...

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Halloween Kite Party 2013

Halloween Kiteboarding Party on Sandbanks Provincial Park beach (Toronto GTA) - Darth Vader, Angry Birds, Pirates and other cool characters are having fun an...

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Halloween Kite Buggying in the Desert

Desert kite buggying on halloween in Dubai desert. Filmed by Red Dragon using the new FlyCamOne Kite Camera.

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Halloween Kite Fly Appleton WI 10-26-13

This is my New Willi Koch Rainbow Fugu Fish from the Premier Collections with a 36 Sled. This video was taken with my Apple I pad.

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These could also be made into show kites?

Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe

Listen to my Podcast! Hire Comedian Tom Mabe for your next Event...

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Kites are a Cool thing to go "Clubbin'" about! Last Halloween Boarder party


Halloween kite párty Na kiteboarding je už trochu zima a všichni se těšíme na zimní snowkiting. Jelikož kiting milujeme, chceme vás všechny pozvat na hallowe...

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American Kitefliers Association likes a photo.

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Halloween and All Saints Day kite flying opportunity coming up!

Photos of American Kitefliers Association


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WATCH: Synchronized windless kite flying

Matt and Shannon Cyphert of MTP Studios introduce us to the sport, art, and people of windless kite flying in this beautiful trailer.

Oct 25th 8:46pm • 1 Comment

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Japan America Kite Festival 2014

The ever popular Seal Beach yearly event as seen from the kiter's perspective.

Oct 25th 2:10pm • 2 Comments

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Merci Sue !

Cet article pour remercier Sue Storey, cervoliste photographe anglaise, qui nous a envoyé cette belle photo de Berck 2012, que de souvenirs...
Merci Sue !
This article to thank Sue Storey, English kiter-photographer, who sent us this beautiful picture of Berck, 2012, what memories ...
Thank you Sue!

Oct 24th 3:58am • 1 Comment

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Great War - 1914 1918 - Observations War Kites foreigners

Samuel Franklin Cody, an American entertainer and lasso thrower, buys to his son a kite derived the Hargrave models. It transforms this device by adding side wings. His system interest the English army that recruits him in 1894. Then he follows closely experiments on different models. He develops, i…

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Photos from Jim Martin's post in W.A.C.K.O.S. Kite Club's Unofficial Facebook Group

Lovely day today out at Frank Liske -- even with the loss of the best field, it was still a good flying day. Got some new stuff up.

Oct 24th 3:35am • 1 Comment

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Frozen River Kite Festival

(by Robert aldrich)

Oct 23rd 8:04pm • 3 Comments

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Photos from Justin Abel's post in S.T.A.P...........Susquehanna Tethered Areodyne Pilots

At Samuel S. Lewis State Park.

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Beware of scams and spam out here., even in the "Kite world "?

Mary Buck

Hi All. Last year I was selling my dad's kites and had an ad on kitebuilders which was recently re-posted. Although someone sent me a link to the recent ad I still cannot access it. I wanted to let everyone know that the recent post selling Gene Lewandowski's kites is not valid. I have no idea if this has been set up as a scam or something else but in the process of trying to get the ad removed, I wanted to warn everyone. Thank you.

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