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Kite Fest Louisiane 2018 Sport Kite Figures

In accordance with the Rule Book, these are the selected figures for the Sport Kite Competition at Kite Fest Louisiane 2018:

Dual Line Individual:

DI 05 Lap and Snap DI 07 Jump DI 19 Square Cuts

Dual Line Pair

DP 06 Inverted 8 w/Landing DP 07 H DP 11 Meet Again

Dual Line Team:

DT 04 Team Hairpin DT 11 Cascade DT 12 Loops w/Vertical Threads

Multi Line Individual, Intermediate:

MI 27 Up Down Up MI 29 Quadrato MI 30 Rise and Lap

Multi Line Individual, Experienced:

MI 22 The Felix MI 30 Vertical Pivots MI 34 Circle

Multi Line Individual, Master:

MI 07 Arc Circle MI 08 Camel Back MI 35 Two Rings

Multi Line Pair:

MI 04 Two Down MI 07 Circles and Slides MI 13 Pair Pivots

Multi Line Team:

MT 04 Rainbow Slide MT 06 Steps and Turns MT 11 Solaris


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