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Fliers Guide for Program Precision

Are you a sport kite competitor?

Remember, we will be using the Program Precision format at the 2013 AKA Grand Nationals – while it has pros and cons when weighed against the traditional format, it has been used in the past and takes 30%-40% less time to run which should open a lot of time for public outreach, demonstrations, workshops, seminars and other specifically growth or fun-oriented activities at a time when we really need it.

In Program Precision, competitors fly 3 pre-chosen precision figures as components of an encompassing 1-4 minute non-musical routine.  The three figures are selected by the Chief Judge and are required to be posted in the order they are to be flown at least 30 days in advance of the competition.

NOTE: All novice, pairs and team disciplines will be flown in the traditional format.

Below you’ll find a link to the “Program Precision Outline” created by Wayne Turner of the Northwest Sport Kite League (NWSKL) – upcoming fliers should still study and be familiar with the official IRBC rule book but we’re confident you will find Wayne’s document a very useful supplement, particularly if you’ve never flown the League or Program Precision formats.


And, the NWSKL’s general guide for Novice fliers:


Be sure to visit each of the three North American sport kite league websites below or more information, and check out the article titled “Three Leagues of Their Own” in the Spring 2013 issue of Kiting magazine.

Northwest Sport Kite League – http://www.nwskl.org
Bay Area Sport Kite League – http://www.baskl.org
Eastern League – http://www.easternleague.net


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