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2018 AKA Convention Daily Activities



Every day at 1 pm, we have Mass Ascension. This is where everyone on the field is flying the same kind of kite. All registered Convention attendees are invited to participate. This year Shreveport is inviting the public out for “Lunch on the Lawn” in order to learn about the different kinds of kites. There is a magical beauty in filling the sky with dozens of the same style of kite.  Each day everyone flying kites will receive a participation pin. Collect all five pins to complete a simple puzzle – a beautiful NEW kite pin. The schedule is Tuesday-Rokkuku or Fighter; Wednesday-Cellular and Dimensional; Thursday-Soft and Flexible; Friday-Sport Kite and Saturday-Delta Kites. Remember: One kite, One person, One pin. Please fly for most of the hour so we can show off for the people of Shreveport.



Tuesday at 2pm, we have our Annual Memorial Fly. This will be all White Kites being flown in Memory of our sisters and brothers who have left an empty space in our sky. Names will be collected and read over the load speaker. Bring your white kite and join in the Memorial Fly. This will last approximately 45 minutes.



Every afternoon we will have Themed Flies. This is a good way to show off for the public who have come out to enjoy the afternoon of Kite flying with us. Final schedule will be printed in the program and will be announced each afternoon on the field. Themed Flies will last approximately 45 minutes. The following themes will be used throughout the week:

Red, White and Blue – both in the air and on the ground

Art Kites – Past Winners of People’s Choice and Grand Nationals – Workshop Made Kites – Oldest Kites

Kites with Moving Parts – Solid Color Kites – Kites with Wooden Spares – Mystery Kite