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AKA Convention 2016 Day 1 Morning Prequel

Morning ladies and gentlemen from Seaside, Oregon. The sun has risen on what looks like will be a great day for getting this convention started. Today is an easy day, with registration opening at noon, followed by the Convention kick off at 4pm and the Banner Parade at 6pm.

Convention attendees are trickling in today and over the next few days, and for you first timers, make sure you attend the First Timers Workshop and meet up tomorrow in Riverview C with Convention Chair Phillip Whitaker at 9am.

Today looks like it will be the only full sunny day, so if you are still at home packing your gear, make sure you bring a light rain coat. Perhaps and extra pair of gloves just in case you plan on spending a lot of time on the beach.

For those of you that aren’t attending the convention this year, you can still join in on the fun by following the party.  Follow us on our Facebook page. or by looking for the hashtag #AKAGN on Twitter, Instagram, and others.   Stay tuned to the Facebook page for live feeds for some of the activities. Do you have a questions you would like to bring up during the live feeds? Want to add something to the conversation at the Sport Kite Symposium or another event?  If you have a Facebook account tune into the Live Feeds and comment. Or, text your question to: 706 -two six seven – 8808 and include #AKAGN in your question. OR email: dal6 at aka.kite.org .