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AKA Convention Presenter Feature: Robert Brasington

Today we have a virtual sit down with Robert Brasington. Not only is he a repeat workshop presenter at the AKA Convention, he is also a well known kite builder and world traveler.


Q: Why did you pick to host a workshop about STAINED GLASS TECHNIQUE?

A: I was approached to present.

Q: How many AKA conventions have you been to?

A: Not sure, maybe 8

Q: Why should someone who has never been to the convention, make the decision to come?

A: A sensible alternative to dropping E’s and going out clubbing

Q: As you run around through out the day, what do you use to keep properly fueled and on the top of your game? 

A: (not to be repeated… Coffee in the morning, G and T for lunch and then dropping E’s and going out clubbing after dark)

Q: If you had a really fluffy bunny, what would you name it? 

A: Fluffy Bunny…. no imagination

Q: Who would you say is your greatest influence in the kite world and why? 

A: George Peters, Colorado. He travels life with style, grace and humor.

Q: What is your favorite kite? 

A: Ramlel Tien’s Sentinal


Don’t forget, early registration is closing on August 15th!  Take advantage of the savings now before the rates go up. 


Just added this year will be a feather exchange. So get to making your feathers now and get ready to hunt down your other ‘feathered friends’ and see what plumage you can acquire.  Don’t know what a feather exchange is? Have a look at this previous article about Feathermania. The rules are simple, make a bunch of feathers (in any shape really) that symbolize you. Bring them to the convention, and trade your feather for another persons feather.