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Early Registration ends tonight

Don't wait till the sun goes down!

Don’t wait till the last minute to take advantage of Early Registration savings for the 40th AKA Annual Convention! Log on to the Members’ only page and register now.

 This is also your last chance to pre-order apparel for the Convention.

Some more Q&A from recent feedback:

Q: Will there be live feeds of the convention again this year?

A: Yes. We will post more information about how to see these and the schedule of events on kite.org

Q: I heard there is a feather exchange this year, what is it?

A: A feather exchange is a simple swap. Members bring a batch of ‘kite feathers’ that they have made themselves that represent them and swap them with others throughout the convention. It isn’t a contest, more a fun way to add to your own ‘rip-stop plumage’ while getting to talk with fellow convention goers.

Q: I want to buy a convention shirt, when is the cut off date?

A: August 15th for all apparel orders.

Q: I am an international traveler and waiting on visa approval. I don’t want to wait till the last minute to register, should I register now, and if I do, what happens if my visa isn’t approved and I can’t come?

A: We understand the complications of awaiting visa approval. Go ahead and register now and opt to ‘pay later’. This will reserve the pricing of your registration and will show your intent to come. If you have any questions, email either president@aka.kite.org or xd@aka.kite.org and they should be able to set you up.

Q: Does the new sport kite rule take effect for this convention?

A: No, the rule that allows all competitors that have competed in at least one regional competition to attend the convention went into effect August 1st, 2017 which means it will be effective for the coming season that will qualify sport kite competitors for the 2018 Convention.