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Loik is going to the Convention, are you?

vertical flyer1. Tell me about yourself:  I am in the kite world since almost 28 years and have designed most of my kites. I am always looking for new shapes and like to use various colors as shown on recently taken pictures attached.
I leave in France, in the South suburb of Paris.
It is not easy to select my favorite kite to fly. May be the “ Vertical flyer with 4 lateral lines “.
I have no position in the AKA but I am member since 2014

2. How many conventions have you attended? Enid in 2015 and Seaside in 2016.

up-side down3. Who are you looking forward to reconnecting with at the convention? I will see again with pleasure friends previously met during kite festivals in Europe and/or past conventions. I will be happy to meet new friends too !

4. What is one activity that is a must do at the convention this year? Daily afternoon mass ascension on the field

5. Will you be competing? If so, in what? I will be competing in Cellular & dimensional kites and Sky display.

6. You have been elected ‘king of the kite field’ for the day. What is your first decree? To schedule two mass ascensions the following day.

7. If you could give away one free pass to the convention, who would you give it to? to someone who may need some help to attend the Convention

8. What advice do you have for someone who is a first time attendee? Do not hesitate to meet people

9. Who would you say is your greatest influence in the kite world and why? Kinetic kites designers because they demonstrated that kite building is also a great support for creativity.

10. What is something you think that everyone shouldn’t forget to pack and bring to the convention? Kites and good mood