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Sport Kite Figures for 2017 AKA Convention

Novice Precision, Pairs Precision and Team Precision is to be flown in the traditional format of three figures then the “technical” routine.  Experienced and Masters individual precision will be flown under the rules of “Program Precision” where the flyer is allowed a minimum of one, and  up to four minutes to fly a routine that incorporates the three mandatory figures and in the order published.  Will Smoot will go over the calling of IN and OUT at the initial Pilots Briefing.



Novice Dual-Line Precision                           DI-02 – Circle, DI-09 – Octagon, DI-19 – Launch, Circle and Land 2P

Experienced Dual-Line Precision               DI-03 – Circle over Diamond, DI-16 – Launch, Circle and Land, 2P, DI-15 – LSI

Master Dual-Line Precision                          DI-13 – Steps, DI-19 Launch, Circle and Land 2P, DI-12 – Stops

Novice Multi-Line Precision                         MI-13 – Z-Pass, MI-15 – Pivots, MI-22 – The Felix

Experienced Multi-Line Precision              MI-21 The Diamond, MI-22 – The Felix, MI-15 Pivots

Masters Multi-Line Precision                      MI-22 – The Felix, MI-03 – Steps and Turns, MI-21 – The Diamond



Dual Line (Exp and Master)                          DP-08 – Twist, DP-12 Pair Stops, DP16 Pair Square Cuts and Land

Multi-Line (Exp and Master)                       MP-05 – Sticky Wicket, MP-08 – Double Diamonds, MP-13 – Pair Pivots


Dual-Line (Exp and Master)                         DT-04 – Team Hairpin, DT-08 – The Basket, DT-15 Solaris
Multi-Line (Exp and Master)                       MT-04 – Rainbow Slide, MT-06 – Steps and Turns, MT-11 – Solaris