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Activities For Students

  • Build a kite – the students are given materials and a plan
  • Artistic decoration – kites can be a canvas for the most beautiful artwork
  • Hold a kite festival – the students bring kites from home to fly at a given time
  • Kite parade – students walk while their kites fly. Kites can be held by their bridles or attached to poles
  • Kite contest for altitude – students must unspool the line quickly. The one that reaches the end of the line in the shortest time wins!
  • Smallest kite contest – student’s kites must fly on 10′ of sewing thread. Smallest wins. Kite tails are ignored.
  • Teams build kites – students attach multiple kites to the same line to create a kite train
  • Dual line lessons – students learn to fly a 2-line stunt kite
  • Quad line lessons – students learn to fly a 4-line stunt kite
  • Junkyard wars – students build a kite from only the scrap materials that are supplied by the instructor. It must fly when it’s done!
  • Candy drop – the teachers kite is used to lift a bag of candy then drop the candy from above
  • Racing with the Bols – students race into the wind pulling 6′ parachutes behind them

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