Thank You Charlie Program


The “Thank You Charlie” program is run by the AKA in order to distribute kite kits at no cost to the recipient.  We are currently distributing bundles of 30 free kite kits.  The program is funded by donations made to the AKA.  Additional donations are welcome.

The purpose of distributing kite kits is to encourage others to spread the joy of kiting through kite workshops and kite making projects worldwide.

The American Kitefliers Association donated kites to South Jersey Kite Flyers through their Thank You Charlie Program, these kites were used at a library for a Children’s Kite Making Workshop.

Photos provided by Mike Dallmer

To request a kit, please fill out the form below, and your request will be forwarded to the Thank You Charlie Program committee for review.

This is the first time we have built kites at this event.
We've built kites before but your kits will help

Please be aware that the Thank You Charlie Program is funded by donations, and not everyone that applies for the program will be accepted. Each application will be reviewed by the Thank You Charlie committee before any kits are distributed. Kits are distributed for free, and no profit should be made by the recipient from the use or distribution of these kite kits.