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Fighter Freak Interview – Robert Loera



  1. What is your name? Robert Loera
  1. How long have you been flying fighter kites? 38 years
  1. Why fighter kites? In the early 80’ sport kites didn’t fly in under 6 miles an hour. And rarely was the wind above 10 miles an hour in San Diego. Deltas were popular but just sat in the sky.
  1. What is the easiest, and hardest thing to learn about fighter kites? Easiest thing is to watch someone skilled flying one. Hardest is learning to control the instability associated with what’s called a fast responsive fighter. Hand launching very challenging when learning.
  1. Favorite place to fly? Any place there’s an audience. Furthest you have traveled for a match? Japan Singapore Malaysia New Zealand and various AKA National events.
  1. Is it all hardcore competition, or is it friendly rivalry? All fun and friendly.
  1. What do you think is the biggest obstacle for people to get into fighter kites? There is no established basic 10 step teaching process.
  1. Do you make your own? Why would I ?
  2. What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked or told about your flying? I was told if I put a tail on my Fighter it would cooperate better.
  3. Why should someone try this? Fully controlling an Fighter Kite is amazing experience. Before there were sportkite competitions with names for modern maneuvers. Fighter kites were being flown indoors outdoors all in little or no wind.360’s with a fighter kite were routine. Games challenges like basketballs horse were common amongst friends. Can you knock a hat off an innocent stranger walking by? Or tap them in the back as they walk. Follow them as they walk. Fly under a tree limb and fly out. In the window of a car and out. Landing in a tree and flying out. Called free parking.