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Fighter Freaks Interview – ‘Gumby’


  1. What is your name? Gumby
  2. How long have you been flying fighter kites? 20yr
  3. Why fighter kites? Had heart surgery and the pull was less. And the competition
  4. What is the easiest, and hardest thing to learn about fighter kites? The learning curve, but one day it starts to come to you then it hits you
  5. Favorite place to fly? Furthest you have traveled for a match? above the ground. Rhode Island to Washington State and Canada to Florida
  6. Is it all hardcore competition, or is it friendly rivalry? Both
  7. What do you think is the biggest obstacle for people to get into fighter kites? The learning curve and finding a kite that already knows how to fly….If not you have to teach it.
  8. Do you make your own? YES
  9. What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked or told about your flying? Same thing tie a tail on it.
  10. Why should someone try this? When I fly by myself it is relaxing almost zen like. You can’t think about your trouble you had during the day AND in Competition the adrenaline rush. It also keep me young.