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Fighter Freaks Interview – Jim Martin



  1. What is your name? Jim Martin
  2. How long have you been flying fighter kites? Intermittently for maybe 20 years (?)
  3. Why fighter kites? Why not? They are amazing little flying machines, a lot of fun to play with — if you enjoy kites, seems to me to be a good idea to at least try as many different sorts as possible. If you don’t fly them all, you miss some of the fun.
  4. What is the easiest, and hardest thing to learn about fighter kites? Often it seems hard to find them, and the line. Not super hard, but you have to dig a little. After that it is just a case of working on the “touch.” I never had anybody give me a lesson really, just read up on how they work and started playing.
  5. Favorite place to fly? A beach. Furthest you have traveled for a match? I don’t fly to compete, I fly because it is fun. Non-competitive, non-combative fighter kiting sounds like something of a contradiction, I guess, but ti works for me..6. Is it all hardcore competition, or is it friendly rivalry? Not applicable to me.
  6. What do you think is the biggest obstacle for people to get into fighter kites. See 4.
  7. Do you make your own? I’ve made a few. A couple sewn fabric, a couple out of orcon. I’ve done some miniatures for indoor use.
  8. What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked or told about your flying? The usual comment about “if you just put a tail on it, it’ll quit spinning arou like that and fly way up there.
  9. Why should someone try this? Try everything you can. You get one go-round.