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Fighter Freaks Interview – Pam Hodges


1. What is your name Pam Hodges

2. How long have you been flying fighter kites? 25 years

3. Why fighter kites? For the challenge! Was inspired by Bruce Jarvie.

4. What is the easiest, and hardest thing to learn about fighter kites? Easiest was how to fly and hardest initially how to launch since I was the only one in Minnesota that I know of who flew fighters at the time. Hardest now is to keep it off the ground and not let out too much line.

5. Favorite place to fly? Furthest you have traveled for a match? Anywhere the winds are favorable. Have flown at AKA conventions in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Rochester and Ocean City. First competition was in Grant Park in Chicago where I came in 4th out of 8! First time I really flew a fighter so that was quite special.

6. Is it all hardcore competition, or is it friendly rivalry? Must be friendly or it’s not for me.

7. What do you think is the biggest obstacle for people to get into fighter kites? Having a good kite and then someone to show you how to fly it. I taught someone at Kites Over Lake Michigan a year ago and you could see the excitement. He realized the kite he had was not quick enough to be a good fighter.

8. Do you make your own? I have but am not great at tuning.


9. What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked or told about your flying? Are you really controlling it? Wow!

10. Why should someone try this? Because you are in control of the kite. And unlike two and four line sport kites, it’s an inexpensive kite to purchase or make.