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#9471 A question about the Aerobe XL or Wala XL

Posted by dragonfish on 02 December 2014 - 11:16 PM

Hi there.  I have a Wala (not of the XL variety, so not sure if they are different).  The instructions that came with mine said to put the dihedral and spreaders on the front (bridle side) for indoor or low wind flying (gliding), and to put them on the back for higher wind.  Hope you get a definitive answer from the manufacturer about your XL.  

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#9428 Seal Beach California Japan America Kite Festival

Posted by Captain Aether on 13 November 2014 - 05:49 PM

Thanks to Region 12 director Glen Rothstein for facilitating another successful Southern California kiting event. He was careful to see that serious AKA kite flyers were given every courtesy and preferred treatment. Check out the YouTube video Japan America Kite Festival 2014:
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#8965 Tapatalk?

Posted by AKA on 07 May 2014 - 06:11 AM



Request - could you add the Tapatalk plugin?


Ask and ye shall receive. Tapatalk is installed. Simply search for "AKA Kite Talk Forum" from your Tapatalk app!

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#9578 Broom Straw Kite

Posted by cliffordjquinn on 18 February 2015 - 02:55 PM

Hi Charles, back in the late 1700's and early 1800's there was not a big need for paper. Most paper came from Europe at that time. The paper  material was pulverized linen  fabric and then along came wood pulp. Paper was quite heavy as compared to our modern material. Some time ago I visited Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and searched kites in that period. To my surprise there was very little information to be had. I even had a CW staff person help me in my search. I did buy some paper in one of the CW shops to experiment making kites. The paper was very heavy . I don't think "straw" would have worked as spars. In one of the historic buildings there was a Pear Shaped kite which was constructed of linen and oak framing on display. I made a replica of that kite many years ago. In fact I entered that kite in the Smithsonian kite competition but it didn't get an award. It needed about 20 mph wind to fly :>(. 

  Washi paper was lighter and used for kites in Asia in  that time frame but would have been scarce in Europe and certainly not imported to the colonies. The Drachen Foundation would be a fine source for historic information ,you might give them a try for further information.



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#9540 AKAGN convention

Posted by cliffordjquinn on 01 February 2015 - 05:02 AM

Hi Wayne, I believe our convention manager works with the local media and provides a convention schedule that the public may participate in. All field activities are open to the general public including the indoor flying demo's and competition. The manager of tourism and convention facilities in Enid will be advertising our convention locally in great depth . Not sure how many Enid residents would follow our convention here on the net but we shure will have lots of local coverage.



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#9511 Kite videos

Posted by Jim Nicholls on 16 January 2015 - 07:22 PM

Hi Judy,


Sorry, I've only just become aware of your question.


Yes, I fly all my kites myself, having no-one to help me except on very rare occasions.  The Trilobites are quite manageable, although they pull quite a bit in a strong wind. 


I usually use 300lb line on the smaller ones, and 500lb on the larger ones, but it's probably overkill in most wind conditions.  There's not really such a big difference in the handling of the two sizes.


As Tim said (thanks, Tim,) I usually use sand ancho0rs at the beach, although if there's some driftwood or similar I will use that instead.  If I fly in a park, I use any fence or tree that's available, or if necessary an anchor called The Claw, which is available from Into the Wind.


It's hard to say what goes best with the Trilobites.  I ring the changes a lot, and most things seem OK.  The Mega Fish is great, but also very expensive.


I hope you have fun with your Trilobite - I certainly do with mine.


My email address is jimATnext.gen.nz if you have any more queries.



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#9389 New meetup group for fliers in and around the Carolina's

Posted by Steve Strogen on 12 October 2014 - 06:10 AM

I just sent you the request to join. Thanks for making this meetup group and hope to meet some of you soon!!!

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#9376 Election Results for 2014

Posted by John Lutter on 06 October 2014 - 07:51 PM

Ask and ye shall receive. Here are the results from the 2014 AKA Convention. I'm still gathering images and results from other competitions, so please keep checking back periodically.



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#9371 Election Results for 2014

Posted by John Lutter on 03 October 2014 - 06:50 AM

I have just posted the election results for the American Kitefliers Association, as presented at the Annual Business Meeting in Nags Head, NC.



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#9297 The Future Of Sport Kiting

Posted by Jackie Maciel on 15 September 2014 - 04:59 PM

Ok,  I’m a Dual Line Flier.    I have to agree with a lot of what Castle and Paul have mentioned.    I first started competing in 2007.    I really enjoy the people I have fly with at competitions.   But the economic collapse of 2008 has really hurt our sport.


Because I fly Dual Line,  I found by competing,  I get to fly at a kite festival, something other than my SLK.     It is very difficult to find the air space to fly a dual line on 100 foot lines with lots of single lines, both small and large at a festival.   One needs almost 200 feet of clear air space when flying.   When I started competing in 2007,  It was very difficult to practice at a kite festival before I had to compete, and still is.   The best fliers were very aggressive in staking out their air space, and there was little space left to use after the Single Liners filled the sky.   Rev fliers have a lot more control of their with their 4 lines.  Thus, they can fly almost anywhere.   Revs can stop, back up, and land so easily in the middle of the wind window.   (even in  high winds).  As a dual line flier I am still struggling with that skill, and I am jealous.


I compete because I do love to fly to my chosen music and choreography. I fly for myself and any spectators.    I also enjoy the fact that for a short time I have a roped off area reserved for ME to Fly MY kite.   If I fly precision and ballet,  I get to fly Twice that weekend,  so I also put together a Freestyle OIOU routine,  just to be able to go out and have more fun in that reserved area.  But Rev Fliers, because of the 4 lines do not see the need for the reserved air space.  


I know of people who have stopped competing because of the work and judging assignments.   Unfortunately our sport does not have a panel of experts who want to stand out on the field and judge us all day long.  Too bad retired competitors are not willing to stay involved and help on a judging panel.   So every plus has a minus in life and so in Sport Kite Competition.  


Too many sport kite fliers think of competition as work.   Pick the music, figure out what to do, now practice, practice practice, then once at the competition, fly twice and then do judging etc.   I do enjoy the planning and practicing, so I do not find it work.  Would I rather not judge?  Sometimes.   But sometimes,  I get to focus on some really great flying.  


In the North East there are only two kite festivals that have a field set up for  with a sound system  for fliers to do sport kite demos.   That is not enough air time for me.  So I compete.


More kite festivals need to incorporate demo fields for sport kite fliers.  That would help educated the public to the wonderful world of flying kites to music.   Most of the public has No Idea that this can be done,  and is amazed when they see it.   I my opinion, there is too much emphasis on making kites with little kids.   We need to do something that excites the big kid in all of us and the parent.   After all,  sport kites cannot be found at the dollar store.  


I think, we, the sport kite community or kiting community needs to advertise to the public what we do.  We also need to try and get younger fliers and more families involved in sport kiting.    


Also,  holding the National Sport Kiting Championships in the middle of the week, when young people are in school,  does NOTHING to expose our sport to potentially new fliers.


The Group of Sport Kite competitors is so small now,  the National Sport Kite Championships, does not have to be held during the Convention.   A three day weekend or two day weekend should be enough time to run all the events.   By holding this event on a weekend, the public would be more apt to see what we do and maybe give it a try.


My husband and I got involved in kiting, not by looking at big kites, or because we made a kite as a child,  but by watching some amazing guy fly stunt kites to music.


Thanks for reading my thoughts.


Jackie Maciel

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#9295 Great videos

Posted by Jim Nicholls on 13 September 2014 - 03:50 PM

Living in New Zealand, I have little hope of attending a great kite festival such as WSIKF.  However, I've been watching the wonderful videos made by AKA member Glenn Mitchell of this year's event, and it was almost as good as being there.  Anyone with an interest in kites should view these - just take a look at his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube....19HEiDerzkeFyJQ


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#9294 WSIKF videos

Posted by Jim Nicholls on 13 September 2014 - 03:48 PM

Living in New Zealand, I have little hope of attending a great kite festival such as WSIKF.  However, I've been watching the wonderful videos made by AKA member Glenn Mitchell of this year's event, and it was almost as good as being there.  Anyone with an interest in kites should view these - just take a look at his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube....19HEiDerzkeFyJQ

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#9214 Hello from Obxflyer!!

Posted by cliffordjquinn on 04 August 2014 - 02:57 AM

Pardon my ignorance!... OBX? - is... where?  (For all those non-US Kite forum readers - we also like to follow who's doing what, where :D)

Hi Linda, "OBX  refers to a narrow strip of land several miles long off the shore of North Carolina. it's known as "the outer bank's"  thus, OBX.  We're doing the convention prox in the middle of the "island".  A common thing to see are  white oval bumper stickers on cars with big black OBX letters on them. (a tourist thing) people buy telling the world they were there. . 



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#9194 Which Revolution kite to get for a beginner

Posted by John Lutter on 31 July 2014 - 09:15 AM

I agree with Joanna... Hook up with their Learn to Fly workshop before deciding to buy. Kitefliers are some of the most generous people you will ever meet, and most (if not all) would be willing to teach you on their kites. Take advantage before plunking down a couple hundred dollars on a kite.

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#9193 Which Revolution kite to get for a beginner

Posted by dragonfish on 30 July 2014 - 11:03 PM

Hi and welcome.  I'm glad you were inspired by the Berkeley Kite Festival.  I was one of the fliers there.  


It's totally understandable that you're not sure how to choose the "right" kite.  For Revolution kites, the 1.5 platform (EXP, SLE, B-Series, B Pro, New York Minute) is the most common, and probably easiest to learn on.  Almost all of the Revs you saw at the festival were 1.5s of some sort.  Venting is going to depend on where and possibly when you plan to fly most often.  Regarding lines, some models may come in a Ready to Fly (RTF) package, and these will include line.  Since you mentioned the B-Series, I will say that those do not have a RTF package.  Lines in RTF packages are generally around 80'-85', the standard length for team flying is 120'.  Something around those lengths will be fine to start with.  90#-100# strength is sufficient and common.  Make sure you get good quality line like LPG or Shanti Skybond.  


The Bay Area Sport Kite League (BASKL) will be putting on a Learn to Fly Workshop on Saturday, Aug. 9 at the Berkeley Marina (same place as the festival).  If you are available, you should definitely come.  You will be able to get started much faster with some in person guidance than you will by practicing alone.  I would even suggest holding off on buying a kite until then, so you can see what we fly and try some of our kites (commonly referred to as flying "OPK", or other people's kites) before you make a decision.  Most kitefliers will be happy to teach you how to fly using their own kites.  I will lend you one of mine for the day if you need a kite to fly.  (There is also a local kite shop at the marina.)  Hope to see you there.  



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#9192 Which Revolution kite to get for a beginner

Posted by vinzbee on 30 July 2014 - 09:33 PM

Hello everyone! Last weekend, I attended the Berkeley Kite Festival, and after watching different teams perform choreographed tricks I got inspired to start flying, especially after seeing how awesome the Revolution kites are. Anyway, I don't have any experience flying kites except for those regular, toy kites that I used to play when I was still a kid. I've done some research and realized how confusing and difficult it is to choose the right kite so I'm here to ask you, the experts, for some advice, suggestions, and recommendations. Basically, I want to get a kite to learn on and at the same time be good enough for when I'm already a decent pilot (is that what you call someone who flies a kite?), if and when that ever happens. Since the kites don't come cheap, I don't want to get something that's considered as a beginner kite and then eventually upgrade to a better, more advanced kite and get stuck with a basic kite that I may not fly again, and since I'm not sure if I'll lose interest or get discouraged in the near future if I'm having a hard time learning to fly, I also don't want to invest in getting multiple (standard, vented) advanced kites right away just so I have the right kites for different wind conditions. So I guess I'm looking to get just one kite for now that's versatile enough to fly in different wind conditions here in the SF Bay Area. Since I normally don't check the wind speed around here since there's usually no need to, I'm not familiar with the averages at the different spots where you can fly here, so I'm not sure if I should get a standard, mid-vent, or vented. I'm also not sure how each type would handle in different wind conditions, like if the vented would be harder to learn on or control when the wind is about 12mph vs a standard or a mid-vent. Also, I sort of narrowed down my choices between the B-Series (maybe even the B-Series Pro perhaps?) and the B2, again, I'm not sure which one to pick, maybe it's one of those apples and oranges comparisons, but I have no idea really. Then I guess once I figure out which model and type of venting to get, I'll probably just stick with the default frames that come with it. Lastly, since these kites don't come with lines, I'm wondering which ones I should get since different lengths are available. I'm really excited to get my kite so hopefully with your help I'm able to order the perfect one for me, then I can start learning from the DVD that's included and then head outside and practice on my own and hopefully meet other people to fly with and to learn from. Thanks! :)
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#9032 Toothless the Dragon

Posted by John Lutter on 10 June 2014 - 09:23 AM

I'm not sure where the kites are scheduled to go or if they will make it down to the Texas area... We had Toothless at the New Smyrna Kite Festival (in Florida) this weekend... and it is indeed an awesome sight to see...


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#8842 2014 AKA Region 8 Events Calendar

Posted by Phillip Whitaker on 11 March 2014 - 11:27 AM

Thanks Troy for keeping us informed. I am making my "Bucket List" of Kite Festivals for this year. Your calendar started this whole process. Planning to attend one festival a month. Keep up the good work.
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#8793 2014 AKA Region 8 Events Calendar

Posted by Barbara Meyer on 22 February 2014 - 05:33 AM

Thanks for putting this together and maintaining for many years. Wish we were just a bit closer, but who knows, if this snow doesn't melt I may be heading south!
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#5656 Rokkaku stack

Posted by Jim Nicholls on 21 May 2012 - 06:40 AM

If anyone is interested in seeing a small rokkaku stack in action, you can check my video on YouTube of three LL Rok kites from Skyburner Kites; see . These are brilliant wee kites in very light winds, and look even better as a stack. And believe it or not, they are actually made in the USA!


Posted Image
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