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AKA Featured Member – Victor Albert Brito

Victor and Aerobe1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Victor Albert Brito and I live in a city named Martinez, CA. We have a lovely Marina and park situated in a estuary that has great weather all year round for kiting. I have a YouTube channel LionHareHart where I have shared some of my recent videos.

2. Why did you join the AKA? I joined the AKA because I wanted to be a member of a group of fun seeking individuals who enjoyed congregating together to put on a display of sheer pleasure for those who witnessed it.

3. What is your favorite kite to fly? My favorite kite is Martin Lester’s Legs.

4. Where is your favorite place to fly?
Marina Green in San Francisco, CA is my favorite flying field.

5. If you could fly with anyone dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you fly? I would like to fly a kite with Gautama Buddha, it would be the most transcendental thing to do, and we would definitely fly my heart kite.

6. Where is the next place someone can find you flying a kite? Martinez, CA Waterfront Park Marina is my home.



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