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Raffle: Grenadier Guard Para-Bear and Pin Collection

Congratulations to Fred Marchand for winning the Para-Bear and Pin Collection!

This month we are offering a Grenadier Guard Para-Bear and Pin Collection to be raffled exclusively to our AKA Members and tickets will be available through most of this month with a winner drawn on March 1st, 2015!

NOTE: You must be an active AKA member to enter this raffle, tickets ($2 each) are available via the AKA Members Forum link below (click here to become a member– this raffle goes to one winner.


Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.

Raffle Item: Grenadier Guard Bear and Pin Collection

The “Thank Charlie Program”
This is a new program that the proceeds will go to the funding of Kids Kite Kits. So I am starting this months raffle donation to be the “first” where the money raised is going to the “Thank You Charlie Program”.
This is a Grenadier Guard Bear and he is guarding a pin collection. But wait, there is more. This bear is also a parachuting bear and has done many jumps in his homeland in England.The bear was made by David Wise for his son. David’s son grew up and found another hobby. It was passed on to Arthur Dibble (chairman of the White Horse Kite Flyers) and he has passed it on to the AKA raffle. It also has a “Tedberets”, (http://www.tedberets.co.uk), patch and pin coming with him
The other part of this package is my entire Pin Collection. There is even one from 1983 and the collection totals over 450 more.Remember all monies collected on this raffle offering goes to the, “Thank You Charlie” Program.
Charlie’s friend,
Marla Miller


Grenadier Para Bear and Pins

Grenadier Para Bear and Pins


Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.