Raffle: Olivier Reymond Genki

Congratulations to David Robinson of Swindon, England for winning the Olivier Reymond Genki.

This month we are offering a Custom Genki by Olivier Reymond to be raffled exclusively to our AKA Members and tickets will be available through most of this month with a winner drawn on January 1st, 2015!

NOTE: You must be an active AKA member to enter this raffle, tickets ($2 each) are available via the AKA Members Forum link below (click here to become a member– this raffle goes to one winner.


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Raffle Item: Olivier Reymond Genki

Size: about  3m x 1m  (118in x 39in)
Spars: carbon 6mm (0.236)
Material: rip-stop nylon about 45 gr / m2
Decoration by : Olivier Reymond (ISBN 978-2-8399-1053-8) Decoration of ripstop kites with applique technique, a way among others.
Date of “ready to fly”: January 17, 2013
Olivier Reymond private numbering: 107
Subject of decoration: The playboy, after: JEUX DE PUISSANTS (Alpha serie) by Jigounov & Mythic. Editor Le Lombard, 2004

 Olivier Reymond Genki


Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.